Best Solo Vacations For Women That Are Bit Off The Regular Route

In recent times, women have got the taste of traveling alone and hence they are no longer being tied back to their daily mundane life just because of the fact that they do not have anyone to accompany. Instead, you would find solo female travelers at almost every notable tourist spots round the world. There are many spots that serve as best solo vacation spots not only for men, but for their better halves as well.

Spend some time in Iceland

One of the best solo vacations for women can be planned in the city of Reykjavik in the yet to be explored lands of Iceland. Known for lowest crime rates against women, this city is ideal for setting up the base camp for roaming around the whole of Iceland. Laundromat Café is one of those joints in Reykjavik which will not only offer a whole list of local culinary dishes but will also let one interact with a conglomerate of travelers from all around the world.

Solo woman traveler

Avoid the crowd at Seville or Dubrovnik

The Spanish city of Seville is one of those spots that can serve for best solo vacations for women. Enchanting tales of bullfighting, amazing architecture of the ancient Moorish work of architecture and the cobbled paths of Seville will take you to a complete different word altogether. You would spend hours with your camera here on the streets of Seville, thanks to the cityscape that has so much photogenic contents in store for travelers from all across the world.

In your quest to explore the unexplored best solo vacation spots, you cannot afford to miss out Dubrovnik, the city in Croatia which is better known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro are in close proximities of Dubrovnik and can be covered by means of day tours only. Live a vacation full of peace wrapped in the cover of safety and security against women here in Dubrovnik, away from the hustles and bustles of famous tourist spots of Europe.

Best Solo Vacations For Women That Are Bit Off The Regular Route

Get amidst the innocence of wild animals of Masai Mara or people of Vietnam

A tour to Masai Mara could just make your effort of finding the best solo vacations for women complete as once you spend some time here in the open wilderness of Masai Mara in Kenya, you would not be willing to get back to the busy world back home. The safari through the vast grasslands of Masai Mara will not only let you see some of the most exotic wildlife of Africa, but will let you make a good number of friends as you would be accommodated in group safaris as you travel alone to this land of wild animals.

Considered as one of the most female friendly countries in whole of South East Asia, Vietnam has one of the best solo vacation spots for women. The city of Saigon, which is now known as Ho Chi Minh City and other places of Vietnam are full of attractions that will let you keep busy and not even feel the lack of any companion in your tour. The very friendly Vietnamese people will make you feel at home as you reach their land and explore the cities.

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