Best places to visit when travel to Chile and San Diego

Chile is located in the southwest of South America, thin Andean country. East of Argentina, the north side of Peru and Bolivia, west of the Pacific, Antarctica and the south across the sea with about 10000 kilometers of coastline. Chile the world's most long, narrow country, north and south long 4352 km, 96.8 ~ 362.3 km wide from east to west, and have many volcanoes and earthquakes frequently inside. Northern climate regional differences: tropical desert climate is no rain all the year round; Central is rainy winter, summer dry subtropical Mediterranean climate; More rain in southern temperate broad-leaved forest grassland and boreal climate, and annual average minimum and maximum temperature of 8.6 ℃ and 21.8 ℃ respectively.

San Diego, Chile's capital, is to enter the portal of Chile. San Diego, the internationalized city, with a population of 3 million, various kinds of up-to-date, spectacular buildings erected in all the sections of the city, they are both of Chile's sustained and rapid economic development in recent decades, as a result, these buildings constitute the main characteristics of San Diego. And various types of modern architecture with here in the 19th century and colonial buildings "live together in perfect harmony.

travel to Chile

San Diego, is a diversified city, but more importantly to travel here is absolutely safe, convenient metro transport network, a food hub, a modern shopping center, good infrastructure and advanced engineering construction to do the guarantee. San Diego is also a city of choice for all kinds of meetings, here can not only can enjoy the scenery of southern and northern Chile, but also experience the suburban waterfront landscape or a couple of kilometers on the view of the mountains.

Due to the San Diego is located in the Andes, so only need to spend less than an hour's journey can enjoy snow sports fun. It is another characteristic is when the northern hemisphere in summer, here is a paradise for skiers. Are sports season all the year round and the mountain could trek, rock scaling, parachuting, horse riding, etc.

Outside the charming scenery, can also enjoy those raised in transverse valley on the fertile land of various crops, especially the wine. Wine tasting at the same time, tourists can design according to the route or casually to bound for all vineyards, the winery, the boss of the family and the local museum.

Of course, there are more quiet beach spa, such as black island, although the relatively mild beaches here, but it wasn't so lost its flavor. In the Melon and Thapa al baths, accidentally see fishermen in leisurely fishing, it is they that gives the Chilean people on the Marine traditional beliefs.

Easter island of Chile

Everyone will not forget Easter island. Starting from San Diego to fly about five hours of the plane that can reach the world famous tourist resort. This island full of mystery and legend , is famous stone sculpture, the sculpture is known locally as the Moire. The culture is still full of vitality and reflect the Polynesian traditional symbolic meaning at the same time with other culture of the south Pacific. So for geology, archaeology, and sports lovers, Easter island is absolutely not miss it. Also, here is hiking, horseback riding, fishing and leisure ideal place. In addition, visitors will be here with various colorful fish and coral diving, and enjoy the unique experience. Easter island in the folk art, and elegant handicraft is also very famous.

In addition to the Juan Fernandez islands, although it is not like Easter island is famous all over the world, but it is a very distinctive place. To the archipelago probably need to take more than two hours of flight.

Five hours to drive from San Diego, or by plane for an hour, can reach Serena city, it is a small population of settlement in northern China. In the city, a myriad of beach with mysterious El Grand Canyon perfect harmony spell became a beautiful picture. In the valley, to produce a grape juice called Pisco, because of its excellent product quality and taste as Chile's characteristics.

From San Diego to the north, probably will take about two hours of flight to arrive the Atacama region. Antofagasta city, here is the north's most densely populated cities, also is Chile's main port of mineral resources, is a major copper producer. Farther inland is the Atacama desert. It can say there's a nature place in Chile as the most attractive scene: broad magnificent saline-alkali land, the eternal snow volcanic lakes and rich species. In the vast desert, but will find some beautiful small village, people here under the oasis surrounded and water nourishing, still keep the native culture and custom of one thousand. Will travel to here must be Carla town, it is located in taka o town 215 km, need two hours by plane from San Diego.

Best places to visit in San Diego

Is the capital of the Atacama region of SAN pedro DE Atacama, this is a charming city, with adobe base into a house, don't dismiss such house, but the inside of the facilities first-class, quite complete.

Continue north along the coast, to Iquique, it is located in Antofagasta city 492 kilometers from San Diego to two and about a half hours by plane. By means of its broad coast and free zone, the city's rapid economic development. Here's another spectacle is the history of its old still visible. In the past this city was produced saltpeter and achieve economic development peak, then saltpeter suddenly replaced by a chemical technology, technology gradually disappear, leaving the town some can prove the past glory.

After that, other people also left their mark. Northern Chile to large, rich for famous "painting", before it is found that the new civilization. Atacama desert, in addition to its natural wilderness, throughout the long history, it possesses the oasis was the source of life, the oasis is the only place to grow crops, which bred the picturesque villages oasis. In addition, in religious procession in the day, is held in memory of an Inca princess, she try to escape from the clutches of the colonists, and hide in the tower Ma Luke forest in the desert.

From Arica continuing to drive three hours, you came to the spring Carla, it is located in la national park, is the highest lake in the world, has become a Chile plateau markers. Here is the ideal region of birds, wild ducks and llama, etc.

Again the San Diego as a starting point to the south, from wood Caux we went into the lakes and volcanic area. From San Diego to fly more than an hour with a beautiful scenery will immediately appear in front of our eyes? Around one thousand Chinese fir forests of South America as well as numerous national park. This is the Mapuche town, in the conquest of the new period, the people used to fight against the Spanish people for 300 years, still remains in some village in their own language, their mystery and their own customs.


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