A Set Of Packaging Of The Little Fairy Tale Journey In Germany

A set of packaging the most abundant tour, visit the city of Germany’s most famous four fort.

The most worthy of a look, the German will be a classic in your travel memories of the eternal

HEIDELBERG – Germany’s most famous ancient town – special cable car up and down the castle

ROTHENBURG ~ romantic avenue the most dazzling pearl

NUREMBERG ~ the holy Roman empire more than the emperor birthplace and coronation

WERZBURG ~ romantic ancient bridge, gorgeous medieval buildings

Special arrangement on Germany first peak Zugspitze ~ ~ special arrangement on the cable car, tooth rail train

Germany’s highest peak Zugspitze, in recent years is one of the Chinese tour visit Germany stronghold, due to its has Germany’s highest peak position, plus from the summit of the mountain can enjoy 400 Alpine mountains scenery and four countries. Zugspitze, at an altitude of 2964 meters, the highest peak in Germany, personal trip is absolutely an unforgettable experience!! From atop the mountain, not only can get a good view of the vast panoramic view of the Alps, plus Aibi lake – blue lakes, as a natural beauty and classical fusion time trip. And scarlett Garmisch at the foot of the mountain, since the middle ages countless celebrities your accent, strauss waltz king famous symphony “Alps” that is, in the finish.

HEIDELBERG - Germany's most famous ancient town - special cable car up and down the castle

Classical perfection moved to Schloss Neuschwanstein ~

The shapes of new swan fort also inspired many modern fairy tale castle, including California Disneyland and the Hong Kong Disneyland, the sleeping beauty castle. Tokyo Disneyland and Walt Disney world, Florida in the United States the magic kingdom’s inspiration comes from here of Cinderella’s castle.

New swan fort is the Bavarian king Ludwig ii of one of the palace. A total of 360 rooms, of which only 14 rooms in accordance with the design completed, the rest of the 346 – room is not completed by the king, who died in 1886. Germany is the most photographed structures. Is also one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions.
Germany's highest peak Zugspitze
Alsace Route du Vin experience different another appearance in Europe, is famous for wine of Route des Vins d’Alsace, every arrive the summer and fall, green vineyards spread into bright carpet will past the slopes, red on the top of the cabin and the smoke, and the town room decorated with flowers of wood house, was a fairy wonderland. Surrounded by vineyards town residents, in addition to wine, the greatest joy is growing flowers, made a number of a gardener, al, families, and the sill of the loaded by colorful flowers.

The accommodation and meals note

Note 1: due to the exhibition, there are many sizes of the European year sometimes need a month ago or earlier confirmation number of hotel check-in

Note 2: comply with European law, 2 years of age or older child to bed, under 2 years old baby bed

Note 3: the European hotel rooms based on double room with two single beds room, in case of special room demand (big bed room, three rooms, connecting room), please submit requirements in advance. Three other European hotel room is given priority to with folding bed or sofa bed, mostly indoor activity space will reduce; And part of the hotel and cannot provide extra bed service, need to fill a single room, or in connection with the other guests and room accommodation, if can’t accept this arrangement, the advice you need three people sharing a room.

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