A Quick Tour Guide To Netherlands – The Land Of Windmills And Tulips

For many who plan a travel to Netherlands, the top notch visiting items include the tulips and the coffee shops and in case you have colorful tinge to your character, may be the infamous red light district of Amsterdam would be on your tour itinerary. What most people miss is that Netherlands is not all about Amsterdam and its attractions. Instead, the beautiful land of Netherlands has a lot more to offer – pleasant beaches, historic cities, windmills and picturesque farms.

The ‘Dam and other places will mesmerize you

As you plan your travel to Netherlands, give some good time to Amsterdam, the capital of the country and beyond doubt a place to be in. The canals within the city, the beautiful houses and the overall landscape offer amazing experience to the ones who visit the country for the first time. Some of the must see tourist attractions are the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank house, Dam Square, Rembrandt house museum, Vondelpark are just to name a few.

Apart from visiting the historic and scenic places in Amsterdam, things that you have to do to make your travel to Netherlands a successful and memorable one include taking a canal tour in any of the cities of Netherlands. Taking such a tour would actually tell you about the engineering expertise of the Dutch and not to mention the journey through the canals within the city will give you a feel good factor that you will carry with you even back home.

A visit to Keukenhof is a must as you travel to Netherlands. The 32 hectares area of the world’s largest flower garden is a treat to the eyes during March to May when the tulips are in full blossom and offers a sight that you would never forget, thanks the astoundingly beauty of the land.

Netherlands beautiful

Avoid denting a hole in your pocket

Shelling out Euros during your travel to Netherlands is something that you would need to avoid as you would end up spending a lot otherwise. Some of the money tips include opting for a bicycle for transportation within the city, whether it’s Amsterdam, Rotterdam or any other historic city of the country. Bikes are the cheapest mode of transportation and also come in real cheap and handy. The country has 20000km of paths dedicated to the bikes so you can understand how regular a bike ride is in Netherlands.

Another action that will save a lot of money is to get a Tourism city card that will provide free transportation as well as offer discounts in restaurants and shops and free entrances to the museums and other tourist attractions. You could also skip the queues at the entrances of the museum as you flash the City pass at the gates. Holland Passes are available in four categories, small, medium, large and for kids, prices for which are €42, €62, €82, and €32 respectively. The Holland passes can be booked online and are valid for one month post issuing.

Spending too much on food is something that you can avoid in Netherlands. €10 would suffice for a good meal at the fast food joints. In case you want to eat in the restaurants, it would charge you anything between €15-20. Don’t miss to have Sate, the dish of skewered seasoned chicken, pork, and beef – served with a thick peanut sauce.

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