A Note To Help People Get Ready To Travel The World For A Year

They say that to travel is to live, and how true it is when you get bored with the daily routines of life that you have to carry out unwillingly just for the heck of living. To change the way you are leading your life, you should plan to set sails to travel the world for a year, as such extensive travel will expose you to various situations that will broaden your outlook and will make you more confident, responsible and an adaptable person.

Is there any benefit for such a long travel?

When you travel the world for a year there are certain advantages of it. You can rent out your empty house for a term of one year which will let you earn some good money while you are out there traveling. Also, traveling around the world for one year would allow you take a sabbatical from work if it is in the policies of your company. Above all, as you would travel for one full year, you would return back home as a matured individual who would understand the real essence of life.

Time is required, money is not

When you decide to travel the world you are going to need a lot of things. Most importantly you would need time. Traveling around the world is not a matter of joke and you are no Phileas Fogg who traveled around the world in 80 days in the fictional novel of Jules Verne. You should plan to travel the world for a year at least as that will give you enough time to see every place that you visit in a much better way and allow you to experience different cultures by traveling the world and the seven seas.

Surprisingly, you are not going to need a lot of money when you travel the world for one full year. You can get cheap around the world airplane tickets to save approximately 30% on the air fares. You can stay in various hostels or do some house-sitting at different countries to find a cheap accommodation. You can cook your own food or eat the tasty street foods to save on the culinary expenses. People can complete a whole round the world trip at less than $20,000 if they are able to manage their expenses well.

Plans to travel the world and the seven seas

Plan the year long travel well

Your plan to travel the world and the seven seas has to be followed by some good and strategic planning so that you do not face any hassle while you travel. First of all, plan your destinations. You would certainly want to cover the much visited tourist places, but you may also want to explore less known natural paradises where human footprints do not fall very often.

Secondly, you need to check out what are the best seasons to travel to different countries and fix your itinerary accordingly. In case you are planning to buy a round the world plane ticket you may want to note that as per the regulations of the airline alliances, your travel of one year has to be unidirectional and you cannot cross the Atlantic and the Pacific for more than once.

You would need to fix a budget under different headers like accommodation, local transport, food, entertainment (you would still need this for sure), and ticket prices for international travel. Once all is done, you got to say goodbye to your mundane life and set afoot for a journey that will last for one year but the memories of which will last a lifetime.

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