A Guide to Tour Unforgettable France

France is a country which has inspired several celebrated writers and artists to produce their finest works, and now travelers can experience this brilliance by touring the country and exploring its rich heritage. Be it one’s attraction to Parisian cafes or coastal villages, cathedrals or vineyards this country has lots of wonderful locations for one to explore. Travel to France and traverse through this country of vineyards and sandy beaches that is renowned globally as an artist’s Mecca and a gastronomic wonderland.

Reasons to explore France

Where can you find a combination of mouth-watering delicacies along with famous street markets which offer luxurious outfits as well as stunning and decorative handicrafts items? Yes, only in France. Other than the aforementioned luxuries, France offers several other reasons for touring the country.

  • Villages: The charming and scenic view created by hamlets around the country along with rustic cottages form an enchanting sight where one can enjoy luxury with a touch of nature’s elegance and comfort.
  • Delectable food: The French have a wide range of delicacies to offer and one can spend their tour exploring modest cafes or haute cooking.
  • Art: Discover creations of Paul Cezanne at the Atelier Cezanne or be mesmerized by the grandeur of the Louvre.
  • Vineyards and wineries: Enjoy the fruity flavors and aroma of white or red wine while travelling across the country.
  • Castles: These castles which seem to have come to life right out of fairytales showcase the majestic elegance of France’s past.

Things to do in France

Trip to France

Paris is one of the central attractions of France and tourists often wonder how else they can make their trip worth remembering without stepping foot in Paris and its marvels? One can take several side trips from Paris, and each of the locations listed below are illustrations of stunning grandeur.

  • The cathedral of Chartres
  • The palace of Versailles
  • Monet’s garden

The ideal time to tour France is during spring (April to June) or autumn (September to November) as the tropical climate makes the experience more pleasant. This is when the nation isn’t crowded with tourists making hotels and flights comparatively cheaper and the streets easy to navigate without being jostled by the crowd.

Must have experiences

How can you experience Paris like a local? Walk like a Parisian. The streets of Paris are meant for wandering, so purchase a map and explore these streets without a GPS. Even if you wander aimlessly you are bound to end up in an amusing location in the City of Lights.

Ever wondered what gods see when they look down upon the Earth? Climb to the top of Mont-St-Michel to view the Benedictine abbey which has a fortified village, the main attraction of Normandy’s coastline.

Food, villages and cathedrals

When you travel to France do not miss out on the popular villages which have been nestled away as treasures or the magnificent cathedrals which reflect the beauty and history of France. The magnificence exuded by the Gothic churches makes their exploration greatly enthralling and leaves one thoroughly impressed with the skills of the architects and artisans. If you feel that your itinerary is still not full, then set out on your own, explore and stumble upon great locations for scrumptious food.

written by: J.Smith

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