A Guide For Those Who Plan To Go Around The World

If you have a Phileas Fogg within you who pushes you to go around the world and visit the various places, you should not subdue this feeling. You need not take the challenge of going around the world in 80 days as Mr. Fogg took in the famous adventure novel written by Jules Verne, but you can certainly take your time to plan an extensive world tour that will cover all the man-made and natural spots that has been attracting zillions of tourists from all corners of the world round the year.

The first thing that will strike you when you plan to go around the world is the budget. You would be worried with the fact that most of the budget is going to be eaten up by the airlines and whatever would be left would be consumed in paying hotel bills. However if you can plan your trip and all the related expenses in a strategic manner, going around the world on budget is not a big ask.

Beautiful Place Around The World

Manage a cheap travel

You would be visiting a number of cities in different countries as you go around the world. It makes no sense to buy individual tickets for each of these journeys. Instead, you should get your hands on an ‘Around the World’ Ticket that is being sold by many airline alliance companies. Most of them set the price of the tickets depending on the total miles that you would travel and are really a cheap option to get air tickets.

You can also consider other modes of international travel like the ships or ferries, or trains that travel from one country to another, Cruise ships should not be on your radar as they would not come for a cheap price and would completely topple down you budget.

Save money by staying at friends’ or in hostels

Check out if you have any friends or someone in your family (no matter how distant) in the city that you are visiting. If you are lucky enough to have such an option enjoy the free of cost stay at their house. In most likeliness you will not have such a lucky option hence you would need to find hostels that provide cheap accommodation.

Best place to go Around The World

House-sitting is a very nice thing when you would be traveling around the world and looking out for cheap accommodation. You could find details of house owners who invite people to stay in their houses in their absence to carry out crucial activities like feeding the pets or watering the gardens. In most cases these are free of cost accommodation options, although you might need to pay a signup charge to the website that will provide you with the list of people looking for house sitters.

Things to consider before kicking off

Now that your budget part is taken care of, you would need to focus on the journey itself. It is advisable not to carry a lot of items along with you as that would not give you the flexibility to move around easily. Do not carry a lot of cash, instead use world debit cards or world credit cards that would let you withdraw cash as and when required. It is also a good habit to make note of all the emergency contact numbers of the cities that you would be visiting while you make a trip around the world.

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