A Complete Guide On Transportation Modes For Those Who Travel To Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful parks, lively and buzzing cafes, historic art museums, picturesque canals and GVB operated public transport system are the USPs of Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands. As you travel to Amsterdam you would find out how seamless could moving around in the city could be, thanks to the multiple options of transportation that the city has to offer.

GVB caters to most of the transport needs

The most funny and memorable experience that you would gather during your travel to Amsterdam would be when you take the tram services in the city that is operated by GVB. Out of the 16 routes you could choose yours from the maps available at the tram stops and hop on to the blue and gray trams for a joy ride.

The GVB metro service of Amsterdam operates on four lines with some part of it under the ground and offers the most reliable and fast services to commuters. You could use the metro services to travel to almost any part of Amsterdam especially from the Central station.

Bus services in Amsterdam are mostly offered by GVB and these compliment the tram services so well. Like the tram or Metro a single ride on the bus will cost €2.9 and the same can be purchased onboard. Bus service in Amsterdam is very frequent and caters to almost any locality within and outside the city. All the transportation modes put together, there are as many as 1600 stops which confirms the reach and network of these transport options within the city.

Amsterdam metros Map Travel to Netherlands

Easy payment modes

While you travel to Amsterdam, the best payment modes for any of the above mentioned transportation options are the OV-Chipkaart. Available in three modes viz. disposable, personal and anonymous, this card could be used on metros, trains, buses, light rails and trams, practically all the available modes of transport. No need to carry change or coins to pay as you travel, simply check in and checkout from the vehicle by placing the smart card in front of the reader at the time of entry and exit. In case you forget to check out, you would eventually lose out all your balance as the card would keep on getting charged.

If you are on a long travel to Amsterdam, you could also purchase GVB travel tickets that would offer you unlimited rides on the trams, buses and metro that is operated by GVB, the municipal public transport operator of Amsterdam. A 24 hours ticket would cost €7.5 and 7 day ticket would cost €32. There are denominations for 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days and 6 days tickets as well.

Amsterdam metro and light rails Travel to Netherlands

Taxis are inexpensive while ferries are free

Taxis are fairly inexpensive (as compared to other European countries) in Amsterdam however hailing one from the streets was practically impossible even a few years back. Nowadays they would still stop on the roads and you would be saved from the efforts of finding a rank from where you could hire a taxi. Taxi ranks are available at major joints of the city like the Centraal station, the Dam, Rembrandtplein, Westermarkt and obvious near the major luxury hotels of the city. Taxi fares start from €2.83 and for every kilometer thereafter it is €2.08. The travel time charges are €0.39 per minute.

Your travel to Amsterdam would not be over if did not take a ferry ride over the IJ waterway. There are various ferry services in and around the city of Dam, most of which are free of cost for mopeds, cyclists and pedestrians. Major attractions like EYE Fimmuseum and Tolhuistuin are well connected by the Ferries from Centraal station.

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