List Of Places That Tells Where To Travel Alone As A Woman

Did you know that 72% of traveling women in America travel alone on either business or leisure trips? More amazingly, 65% of these solo travelers have been found to be more confident after they have started hitting the roads alone. When you travel unaccompanied you get a lot of scope for personal growth and self realization that helps in the future. If you are not sure where is best places to travel solo as a woman read through the next few paragraphs that will help you travel the world in a more confident and safe way.

While deciding on where to travel alone as a woman you would need to think of historic or natural places which have reportedly lesser rates of crimes, especially crimes like robbery, sexual assault etc. There are many such places that will come under this radar as not every place in the world is full of goons who are looking for an opportunity to pounce upon a single woman.


Explore the unexplored land of Iceland

While it has not been able to make its mark prominently on the tourist map, but Iceland with its natural beauty and the largest national park in Europe is certainly one of the best places to travel solo. Usual crimes against women like harassment or assaults are not reported here which makes this a very safe answer to the question of where to travel alone as a woman.

Visit one of the happiest and safest countries in Europe

Being a leading country that treats all genders equally, Denmark is certainly the place to visit who you travel the world as a solo woman traveler. The country has the pride of Ranking second in the Global peace index is a absolute safe destination for travelers, especially female travelers who can enjoy the pristine coastlines along with the various historic areas that are scattered throughout Denmark.

Roam around safely in the land of the Kiwis

Rated at number three on the Global peace index, New Zealand is the place where you will find a lot of things in addition to female safety against. Auckland in particular has the pride of least number of incidences of crimes against women. Cases of assaults against female tourists are almost nil in this land. You would get the unique experience of getting introduces to the Maori tribal culture which you would not find anywhere while you travel the world.

Spend some time in the lap of the Alps

With the 7th rank on the tourism safety index, Austria is the place where you will find not only the Alps for skiing, but you would also find a lot of mesmerizing lakes and some of the world’s best shopping markets. As a solo woman traveler you would certainly not want to miss this place.

If you are not contended with your experience of the Alps in Austria, you may continue your travel to Switzerland which is another beautiful tourist hub but incredibly safe for women travelers who have landed on the Swiss grounds without any company. The valleys, lakes, picturesque mountains and many more natural landscapes will keep ringing in your mind long after you have completed your tour and returned back to the safety of your home.

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