A Guide to Travel Down Under

Australia, also known as Down Under, is known for its big horizons, savage beauty and great adventures. Since there is a well balanced mixture of major cities, rainforest, outback and beaches, individuals of varying interests can travel to Australia for the ultimate getaway. Diversity due to the contrasting landscapes like the Sydney Harbour Bridge on one hand and the Great Barrier Reef on the other makes it a fascinating destination for your next tour. If you are planning a tour to Australia do you know when the best time to visit is? This window starts after Easter and continues up to the month of July. It is the cheapest time to travel and marks the beginning of winter in Australia.

Where to stay?

A wide array of options for accommodation is available for tourists throughout the Australian landscape. Listed below are some popular choices

  • Bed and breakfast: This facility is provided by numerous private homes all over the country and the accommodations vary according to the properties available. Boutique urban mansions, faded colonial buildings, rambling country manors and restored miners’ cottages have all been turned into bed and breakfasts and rates are comparatively higher during the weekend.
  • Hotels: Popular and well established international hotel chains offer accommodation in all states, and hotels located in cities charge more than their counterparts in the rural areas. Highways are lined with motels, which house restaurants and offer self-contained family units.
  • Other accommodation: Hostels, pub hotels, rural farms and self-catering apartments are the other forms of accommodation available. Pub hotels and hostels do not require advanced booking and if you are backpacking, you might meet fellow backpackers at these hostels.

Things to do and places to see

Trip to Australia

  • Flinders ranges: Located in the Southern part of Australia it is one of the least visited holiday destinations as very few dare to venture further south. These rolling mountains are home to several sleepy towns and national parks. The state capital Adelaide is a city close by, and has its own set of attractions to offer.
  • Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is one of the must-see sights along the east coast of Australia. It stretches across a vast stretch and can be enjoyed during sailing trips made to Whitsunday Islands.
  • Kakadu National Park: Kakadu National Park which stretches across 20,000 km sq has been wrapped by spiritual significance and is known for its unrivalled wilderness.

Shopping in Australia

Local wines, clothing, wool, sheepskin and leather products are just some of the special purchases most tourists indulge in while touring Australia. Are you wondering how to make your Australian tour memorable for life? Paintings and modern art sculptures along with precious stones can be purchased in this country and can represent as a memento of the happy memories. Artworks and artifacts depicting Aboriginal mythology also make valuable souvenirs.


Australia has a fairly active night life since most of the cities have healthy clubbing scenes, where popular national and international DJs often participate. The scrumptious local cuisines are one of the many reasons why tourists from across the world travel to Australia.

written by: J.Smith

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