Things To Know After You Decide “I Want To Travel The World”

Are you one of those adventure loving people who think “I want to travel the world” just for the sake of visiting new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures? If you are nodding your head in confirmation to this, then there are a lot of things that you may want to know and educate yourself with before you hit the deck for your world tour.

Learn a bit of French and other major languages

No matter which part of the world you belong from, when you would be traveling across boundaries, you would need to certain foreign languages to make your life easy while you are on foreign lands. While Chinese is accredited with the title of most widely spoken language, but you would not find many countries that speak the Chinese language. Instead of that, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese are the foreign languages that are spoken in most of the countries of the world. While English would be spoken in most parts of the world, but it is wise to learn at least some basic dialogues in these foreign languages as well.

Travel Around The World

Avoid carrying too much cash

Get yourself a world debit card or a world credit card and do not carry much cash with you. However if you are traveling in the African countries where crime rates are high, you may want to keep some money with you so that you can save yourself from brutal blows of the thieves who would hurt you badly if they do not get anything from you. Other than the African subcontinent, it is more or less safe to go cashless as long as you are carrying a world debit or credit card. However for emergency situations you could always stash some dollar bills inside the socks or within a toiletry pouch.

Travel with ease by not carrying much luggage

Do not make your baggage very heavy. You never know what kind of situations you would be facing hence it is always a good option to do light packing so that it is easy for you to move around. A single haversack filled with clothes and essential items should suffice your clothing requirements for the entire tenure of travel.

I Want To Travel The World Plan

Capture the moments

When the feeling of “I want to travel the world” had come to your mind, right from that moment you should be saving money to get a nice camera in case you already don’t have one. The world tour is going to be a priceless experience and you would certainly want to relive those moments by turning the pages of the photo albums years after you did your world travel.

Don’t be rigid

While traveling around the world, you would need to keep an open mind as you would be experiencing many new things across cultures that you may find a bit awkward, or foolish or even astounding. You need to respect every place’s own culture and abide by the local guidelines. That is when you would get to feel the pulse of a land and its people.

Save wherever possible

During your world travel try to save as much as you can wherever possible. Starting from getting cheap flight tickets to staying in dorm rooms or doing couch surfing, eating street foods and walking around the city, do everything to save every penny as every penny that would get saved would add on to the budget of extending your travel around the world.

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