Travel To Dubai To Experience The Extravagance Of Dubai

If you want to see and experience that what man’s desire and competency can create that even God would not be able to do, plan a trip to Dubai. The man made group of islands namely the Palm Islands, Palm Jumeirah, and the World Islands offer such spectacular view that no other place on earth would be able to match. Apart from that, during your travel to Dubai you would see the world’s only 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, the 830m long Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest artificial structure and many such engineering marvels that is possible only in Dubai.

Some not to be missed attractions

Some of the tourist attractions that you simply cannot miss out during your travel to Dubai include the Dubai Museum, Wild Wadi Water Park, the largest mall in the world which is the Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai which is manmade indoor ski resort, Dubai Dolphinarium, the Jumeirah Beach, just to name a few. If you do not pay a visit to these places you would not even know what you missed to see.

Travel To Dubai To Experience The Extravagance Of Dubai

Give your taste buds the royal treatment

While you travel to Dubai it is imperative that you taste the camel. Yes, we are talking about the ship of the desert. Camel meat finds special place in a number of Emirati dishes. Stuffed camel is a delicacy and most commonly found food in Dubai. Another commonly found delicacy of the place is Shawarma that you should try, come what may. You have to have a taste of spicy food while you are travelling to Dubai. Most of the items that you would find in restaurants have a lot of spices and tastes pretty spicy.

Dubai is one of the costliest cities in the world; hence it is not possible that the food out here would be cheap. If you do not want to shell out most of your budget on food during your travel to Dubai, you may want to try out the street food of Dubai. As Dubai is a business hub, people are always on the run, hence street foods of Dubai has taken the form of a huge industry in itself. Freshly made in front of your eyes, these tasty delicacies are not only inexpensive, but they take a lot less time as compared to that in a restaurant. Pork is something that is not available in whole of Dubai.

Travel To Dubai To Experience The Amazing Of Dubai

Most sophisticated transport system is available

Is it possible that the city which is famous for its splendors will not have the world’s best transportation system? Local transport system in Dubai is as magnificent as the city itself. Buses that are operation in over 70 routes, metro rails and Dubai trams offer the best quality transportation options on land as does the water taxis while you want to cross the Dubai Creek. While you travel to Dubai if you plan to drive on your own, simply rent a car, or if you intend to depend on private taxis, you can opt for them too. Dubai taxis are comparatively inexpensive and very safe. A fleet of pink roofed taxis were introduced a few years back which is meant for women and children.

The glamour and grandeur of Dubai is something that is growing day by day and it is doing so at a pace which is superhuman. Every year the skyline of Dubai gets changed and the city adds new things that simply add to the wow factor of this fairy tale city of Dubai.

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