Disneyland Is A Must Visit While You Travel To Hong Kong

Do you want to miss a chance to meet Mickey Mouse and his friends while you travel to Hong Kong? Certainly not! Not only Mickey, but the whole group of friends from the wonderful cartoon world of Disney would welcome you as you plan a trip to the Disneyland of Hong Kong. One of the youngest members of the Disneyland Park groups, the Hong Kong Disneyland has all the major attractions that you would find in Disneyland of other countries, but what makes this one unique is its touch of Chinese flavor.

Some facts from the pages of history

During your travel to Hong Kong you would be amazed to know that the Hong Kong Disneyland took the shortest time to get constructed. The construction began in 2003 and the park was ready to be open in September of 2005. Owing to the already popular Ocean Park of Hong Kong initially it was a bit of a struggle story for the theme park even though it had the tag of Disney associated to it. However with additions of rides and other attractions the Hong Kong Disneyland soon caught up its partners on other countries in terms of count of visitors on an annual basis.

Disneyland HK Travel to Hong Kong Map

Important tips for maximum enjoyment

If you want to enjoy the Disneyland of Hong Kong to the fullest, you need to dedicate at least two days to this park while you plan your itinerary for the travel to Hong Kong. If you have to cover the park in one day, you might miss out on some of the major attractions like the Jungle river cruise, or Tarzan’s tree house or the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Some of the attractions that you simply cannot miss out during your trip to the Disney Park are “The Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, Mickey’s Philharmagic, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Obviously you cannot miss out the chitchats that you would be doing with the famous characters from the world of Disney and from the pages of Fairy Tales like Alice, or Aladdin and Jasmine or your favorite Mickey Mouse. Also, try to leave the park only at the closing time at 8:30PM so that you get to enjoy the dream lighting in the park.

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While you travel to Hong Kong, plan your trip to the Disneyland during a weekday unless you want to waste hours standing in the queues for the different rides and attractions. While fast passes will cut the queue to some extent and allow you a faster entry, but it is still a better choice to avoid the weekends as that is the time when most people go to the park. You may also want to carry a lot of water and if possible some energy drink to keep you and your little ones energized as you would be required to walk a lot inside the park.

Transport options that get you to the park

The Disneyland is located on the Lantau Island near the airport and can be easily reached by the various options of transportations that are available. Bus R33 and R42 that run from Tuen Mun and Tai Wai respectively can be taken to reach the park. The MTR line trains can be taken from Kowloon station, Hong Kong station and the Airport to sunny Bay station where a change to Disney Resort Line will take you to the wonderful world of Disneyland. For those who are on first time travel to Hong Kong, taxis are less confusing option to reach the park. Red Taxis, Green Taxis and Blue Taxis are available out of which the last one is the cheapest.

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