Travel Tips For Visiting The Coliseum While You Travel To Rome, Italy

The largest amphitheatre that the ancient world had even seen was the Roman Coliseum which is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. A visit to this almost 2000 years old iconic piece of architecture is a must for all those who travel to Rome either on a vacation or even for a business cause. You would be simply thrilled and amazed to set your first glance at this building that has witnessed the tumultuous history of Rome over the last two millenniums. Today what remains is just one third of the original building but even that talk high about the grandeur and vastness of the grand structure.

Walking back in the pages of history

The Coliseum was commissioned by Roman Emperor Vespasian at around 70-72 AD and was finally opened for the public by his son Emperor Titus in 80 AD. It was a gift from the emperor to the Roman citizens who were weary of the various civil wars that had happened on the land since the death of Emperor Nero in 68 AD. The opening was marked by a 100 day celebrations of games that included the much talked about fight of the gladiators.

The main reasons for the Flavian emperors to build such a grand structure were to give a gift to the Romans to increase their popularity among the common people, to provide the civilians with a common stage of performing various forms of entertainment and last but not the least was to showcase the engineering and architectural skills of Romans to the rest of the world to prove supremacy of the Roman race.

Roman Coliseum History Travel to Italy Tips Guides

Tips to help the first timers

Usually there is a huge queue at the entrance of the Coliseum as most people who travel to Rome do not book the entry tickets in advance. To avoid the long queue and waiting time, the best thing that can be done is to book the guided tour as you get the opportunity to skip the queues to enter the amphitheatre but also buy yourself a chance to hear many fascinating tales about the Roman Coliseum from the professional guides. Tickets could be bought online as well and that will help you avoid the long queues. Roma Pass, which is the common pass issued to people who travel to Rome can be used to enter the grand structure as like in other attractions. Advance tickets can also be bought from Palatine Hill and Piazza Santa Maria.

Roman Coliseum Travel to Italy Tips Guides

Be there at the Coliseum after the sun sets as you would certainly not want to miss the magnificent view of the building with lighting that gives a special look to the already grand structure. The doors open at 8:30 AM everyday so you may plan an early in the morning trip to get to see most of the building without having to rush from one point to another. Wear comfortable footwear if you do not want to hurt yourself at the ancient uneven paths inside the building. Take as many photos inside the Coliseum as possible as these snaps at the historic place will remind you of your travel to Rome in the years to come.

You can also take buses from Termini and reach the Coliseum very easily. The best option to reach the Coliseum while you travel to Rome is by Metro where you can get down at Colosseo station which is just outside the monumental structure of Coliseum of Rome. Beware of pickpockets while you travel by public vehicles.

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