The Magnificence Of Eiffel Tower Will Make Your Travel To Paris A Memorable Journey

One of the major reasons of why people travel to Paris is to see the Eiffel Tower which is not only the tallest structure in Paris, but it also the second tallest structure in whole of France. Approximately 7 million people ascend the tower every year which makes it one of the most visited paid monuments of the world.

Looking back in the pages of history

To commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the launch of French Revolution and the fall of Bastille, the World fair was organized in 1889 and the Eiffel Tower was erected as a gateway to the World Fair. Renowned builder and architect Gustav Eiffel was given the task to setup a temporary structure as the gateway of the World Fair. In the year 1909 it was almost on the verge of getting deconstructed and scrapped as the structure was intended to be a temporary one.

Little did they realize initially that this was the structure that would bring hundreds of thousands of visitor to travel to Paris every day. However owing to the soaring popularity of the then tallest structure of the world, it was looked upon as a monumental structure and it got saved from getting scrapped.

History Eiffel Tower Travel to Paris France

General travel tips to enjoy the Tower even better

As you travel to Paris, you should plan your visit to the Eiffel Tower on a clear day and possibly at least two times, one during the day time and the second once the sun sets. This will let you experience the grandeur of the structure in both lights. A clear day visit is recommended as that will let you stretch your eyes to as much as 40 miles from the top level

There are three levels or floors of the Eiffel Tower, which are open for the public who travel to Paris to behold this magnificent structure made of wrought iron. The glass floors of the first level will give you a feeling of walking on the air as you look down from 57m above the ground. There are souvenir shops and restaurants in both the first and the second floor, however things are bit pricey out here. The top floor or the third level of the Eiffel Tower has the builder Mr. Gustav Eiffel’s office preserved the same way as it looked way back in 1889.

Beautiful Eiffel Tower Travel to Paris France

Take stairs if you can

While there is an option of going up the tower by means of elevators, you can try the stairs as well if your health and stamina permits. Going by stairs has its own fun as you have the independence to stop anywhere and take a full gaze of the view of the beautiful city of Paris around you. This is one experience that you would never come across during your travel to Paris.

However, if you have to visit the third level of the Tower, you have to take the elevator from the 2nd Floor. You could also save a lot of time by taking the stairs as the standard queue time for accessing the elevators is usually very high and at times takes hours before you could set your foot on the elevators.

Transportation options

If you plan to visit this elegant structure by metro, the station where you will have to get down is Bir Hakeim on Line no. 6. On Line No. 9 the Trocadero station is the best to get down. If compared between the two stations, the latter is closer to the tower. Bus 69 and Bus 87 can be availed to get down at Champ de Mars stop. Bus 42 and Bus 87 can be availed to get down at Tour Eiffel stop. Cars and bikes are always available that will take you to the closest point near the Eiffel tower.

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