Pay A Visit To Santa’s Home At Santa Claus Village Of Finland

Who said you could meet Santa only during the Christmas time? You could meet the fat old man every day of the year if you travel to Finland to his home town in Lapland region of Finland. Rovaniemi, the official home town of Santa Claus is the city where you could find the Santa Claus village of Finland. It is basically an amusement park where millions of visitors travel for a rendezvous with Santa Claus and to get the opportunity to cross the line of Arctic Circle that is there in the village.

The major attractions of the Santa Claus village while you travel to Finland include the Arctic Circle line that goes through the village. As it was calculated in 1865, a white line denotes the Arctic Circle which is painted across the amusement park. It serves a hot spot for tourists who take snaps while standing just in front of the white line of Arctic Circle.

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The Post Office that receives letter from all countries

Another major tourist attraction while you are in the Santa Claus Village is the Santa Claus’ Main Post Office. This is the post office that receives letters from 198 countries of the world that are written by billions of children asking for something or the other from their beloved Santa Claus. Letters that go out from this post office to worldwide addresses bear the special Santa Claus postmark which makes it even more special for the recipient.

Many Christmas related items like greetings cards, CDs, Christmas gifts etc are being sold in this post office which you can buy and ask for delivery at your place right on the eve of Christmas. A gift parcel right from the home of Santa Claus bearing his postmark is certainly going to make the Christmas gift for your child a lot more special. No matter what time of the year you travel to Finland you could book your gift item and get that delivered right before the Christmas.

Santa Claus Village Travel to Finland

Don’t miss a chance to take selfie with Santa

One more and possibly the major attraction for children in the Santa Claus village of Finland is the Santa’s Office. If you could manage to reach the office during the office hours, you could meet Santa, chat with him and take a quick snap or a selfie with Santa to make your travel to Finland remain memorable for the rest of your lives. Not many people get a chance to live the fairy tale of Santa Claus and you could be the lucky one to do so if you can manage to catch him by visiting the office during the office hours.

Note the opening hours

While you travel to Finland you may want to get relived by the fact that the Santa Claus Village is open daily without any holidays. From 8th January to May and then from 1st September to 30th November the village park is open from 10AM to 5PM. The months of June, July and August, the timings change to 9AM to 6PM and then from 1st December to 7th January the park remains open from 9AM to 7PM. There are certain exceptions to these timings during major events like on 24th December the timings are from 9AM to 3PM and then 25th December and 1st January it is 12 AM to 5PM.

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