Experience The Flavor Of Medieval Times As You Travel To Romania

Picturesque landscapes, heroic castles of the medieval times, pristine sea beaches, soaring snow clad mountains, the legendary myth of Count Dracula – what else would you want? All these things would be on the platter as you travel to Romania, the central European country ringed by the Carpathian Mountains.

A rendezvous with Count Dracula

Whenever someone plans a travel to Romania, the thought of the legendary Count Dracula crosses the mind at least for once. The Bran Castle which is famous in the world by the name of Vampire Dracula’s castle is located on the hilltop of the small city of Bran, which is very near to the city of Brasov. However, if you hope to get a glimpse of the fictional Count who drank blood, you would be disappointed as the castle is now converted to a Museum which is open for the public and displays royal furniture and art objects that were used by Queen Marie, not Count Dracula.

Travel To Romania Beautiful castle

Other cities and places of attraction

There are several spots that you need to cover during your travel to Romania, even half of which if you miss, you would miss a whole lot of things. Sighisoara is a town that would remind you of the 14th Century as everything in the walled town has been preserved to give the looks and feel of the medieval times. It is also believed to be the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, our childhood friend who is also known as Dracula.

Some of the mountain resort cities of Romania are Sibiu, Brasov, Sinaia which not only offer breathtaking views of the snow clad mountain ranges but also have a lot of outdoor activities for its visitors. Skiing, trekking, rock climbing and many other sports are available for visitors who would love to have adventurous experiences during their travel to Romania.

Travel To Romania Tips Guides

Activities that you should get engaged in while you travel to Romania include a full day of hiking at Mount Tampa, exploring the wildlife of Northern Dobrogea, trekking at the Fagaras Mountains. Churches and castles of Romania would simply amaze you as every building has so much to tell. Get lost in the thoughts of the medieval times and the valor of the Teutonic knights as you explore through the corridors of the castles. Rasnov Fortress, Corvin Castle, Peles Castle are some of the must visit places.

Money saving tips

Romania on the whole is a land that is not at all costly. Starting from accommodation to food, everything will suit your budget very easily. There is no special thing that needs to be done save money here in Romania as you would never be spending much here. Most small meals would come for just $5 which is 20RON locally. Buses and trains cost only 4RON per single ride. Museums and other attractions will charge a maximum of 20 to 40RON which is just nothing if compared with other European countries.

One the whole, Romania is a land which would take you to the medieval era with its old and well persevered buildings, old towns most of which date back to the 12th or 13th Century. Travel to Romania is like walking down the pages of history.

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