Enjoy Your Stay In The Best Hong Kong Hotels

As you plan to travel to Hong Kong, the most livable city in the whole of Asia and you plan to stay in one of the finest Hong Kong hotels then there is a huge list waiting for you. The most unique thing that you would find in the hotels of Hong Kong that you will not find in most of the other countries is the warm hospitality of the staffs. While other countries do welcome their guests in a warm way, but the behavior and caring attitude that would be displayed by the staffs of hotels in Hong Kong is something that you would never experience anywhere else.

The top 5 hotels of Hong Kong

During your travel to Hong Kong the top 5 Hong Kong hotels that you can choose to stay in would be The Upper House, The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons Hotel, Hotel ICON, and The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. These hotels are being adjudicated to be best hotels of Hong Kong as per various reviews and surveys over several travel websites.

upper house hong kong

Unique services which are not found anywhere in the globe

The Upper House is one of best Hong Kong hotels that offer complimentary Yoga classes on the morning hours of weekends. Apart from this unique facility, the 117 suites and studios which are amazingly decorated and designed promises to offer the best stay in the whole of Hong Kong. The advantage of staying in this hotel is that it is very near to the Hong Kong Park and other attractions like St John’s Cathedral.

The Ritz Carlton hotel which is very conveniently located in West Kowloon in Hong Kong is famous for OZONE the highest bar in the world. You may not want to miss out on the signature cocktails while looking at the breathtaking view of Victoria harbor. Another advantage of this hotel is the swimming pool at the 118th floor which lets you swim very close to the stars as you gaze at them.

Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong

Enjoy the view of the harbor

The Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong is one of those few Hong Kong hotels that stand right in front of the Victoria Harbor. You would get exquisite views of the harbor right from your room or the roof top swimming pool that seems to pour down into the Victoria harbor. The advantages of this hotel that food loving people would love to note is the presence of two Michelin three star restaurants which no other hotel in the world has.

Your travel to Hong Kong would not be complete if you do not spend a few nights in Hotel Icon. The best advantage of staying in this hotel is its close proximity to many shopping malls and the Hong Kong Museum of history, Hong Kong Science museum and many other places to visit. In terms of hospitality and guest services, this hotel is one of the best in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The location of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong is its biggest advantage. Located right in the centre of the city this hotel would be a shopaholic’s dream stay as major shopping joints are at very close proximity of this hotel. Known for their State of the art architecture and room designs, this hotel has 113 suites and studios each of which are carefully designed and decorated.

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