Taxis And Metros Are The Best Transport Options As You Travel To Panama

As you travel to Panama it is most unlikely that you will not roam around the capital city of the Latin American country. Getting around in Panama City is something that does not require any pre planning or a lot of money. All you have to do is to set your destination, come out on the street and either hail a cab or take a bus to our desired destination.

The most commonly used vehicle to commute within the city and traverse through the various tourist attraction are the taxis. Thanks to the plentiful presence of the yellow cabs that you do not have to worry regarding your transportation within the city. The taxis do not have meter and they operate on fixed rates as decided by the local authorities. The taxi fares are very inexpensive and that makes the taxis the most preferred mode of transportation for you during tour travel to Panama.

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Taxis are widely available at cheap rates

This however is not followed by all taxi drivers always and they may choose to ask for any arbitrary price for the travel. It is up to you whether you want to negotiate or accept the fares. Although illegal, but many drivers would exercise their self called freedom of refusing you if the price quoted by you is not at par with the driver’s expectation. Usually a ride within the city from one point to another should not cost anything more than $2-$4. It is advised that you do not take a taxi right in front of your hotel or from areas which has tourist attractions.

The city buses which are pretty much available are usually very crowded and hence they are not very apt for people who are on travel to Panama for the first time. Rides in the Panama City buses also referred to as ‘Red devils’ are not always very safe as you stand very high chances for an encounter with a pick pocket or missing your desired bus stop, thanks to the crowd. Bus fares are $0.25.

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Metro Cards will let you travel more comfortably

There is a new type of bus, the Metro bus being introduced which are air conditioned and offer more comfortable journey within the city. The fares of these buses are also set at $0.25, but you have to have a Metro card with minimum recharge of $2 to use these buses. The metro card is also to be used for taking Metro rides in Panama City.

Thanks to the new underground Metro services that has opened doors for safe, fast and cheap transportation for the locals as well as for people who are on their travel to Panama. The Metro of Panama City boasts to be the first underground rail system in whole of Latin America. With per ride charges at a very economic $0.35 the Metro promises to be the cheapest mode of transportation in Panama City. Currently only one line is operational that connects Albrook to los Andes and there are 12 stops in between. If your destination does not fall en route, then you will have to rely on the taxis as walking down the streets is not recommended in panama City.

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