Enjoy Every Street Of Manchester With Metrolink Or Other Transportation Modes

Manchester, the home to the world famous soccer club Manchester United is a wonderful place to be in. The Old Trafford stadium stands there with all the nostalgic moments, The Museum of Science and Industry, the almost 600 years old Manchester Cathedral, National Football Museum and many more attractions awaits your arrival as you travel to Manchester. Thanks to efficient transportation system of the city, roaming around is a child’s play even if you have set your foot on the grounds of Manchester for the first time.

Transportation system of Manchester constitutes of the Metrolink, buses which offer shuttle services all round the city absolutely free of cost, radio cabs and the most independent mode of transportation, walking.

Manchester Metrolink Map

Metrolink – the most efficient tram service

The light railway system in the city of Manchester also known as Metrolink is a tram service that operates across seven lines radiating from City Centre of Manchester. So basically if you take this mode of transportation you could reach any and every part of Manchester and its downtown areas. Frequency of operation of the Metrolink is every 6 minutes during the peak hours and during non peak hours the service is available at every 12 minutes.

Tickets for the ride on Metrolink have to be purchased before boarding the tram. Single and return tickets are available. In case you have a long stay planned, you could opt for season tickets which are available on the internet website of TfGM or Transport for Greater Manchester. The Metrolink service is not available on Sundays, so in case you plan to do some site seeing on Sundays while you travel to Manchester, you got to take some other mode of transportation like the buses or radio cabs.


Avail the free bus rides – it saves money

Buses operated by First Manchester who are a major operator in Greater Manchester area are 600+ in number and they operate in as many as more than 300 routes covering all major areas of Manchester including Piccadilly, Victoria, Albert Square, Oxford Road and many other important areas. There are free services known as metroshuttle service which offers free bus rides to the passengers. Most day tickets start from £4 and can be used for buses, trams and rail as well.

Taxis are available at moderate fares

Private taxis can be booked from reliable service providers like Hailo cabs or Streetcabs. Hackney carriages or the black cabs are also available that can be hailed right from the streets or from the taxi ranks as you travel to Manchester. The fares of hackney carriages are regulated by the Manchester City Council and fares for the private cabs are set by the private hire companies.

Standard fares for the black cabs are £2.3 for the first 371mts and then for every 174mts additional charge of 20p would be levied along with wait time for every 39 seconds at 20p. These are day time charges. The night time charges which are applicable from 10pm to 6AM are £2.8 for first 224mts and then 20p for every 131mts thereafter. Waiting time charges are 20p for every 29seconds. Without considering waiting time, average cost of traveling one mile during the day is £3.9 and that during the night is £5.10.

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