Reach The Tourist Spots Of Athens By Various Modes Of Transportation

Pack your bags to visit the 400 year old civilization of the Greeks in the city of Athens. As you plan your travel to Greece, make the checklist of items that you would have to visit. Your checklist has to has spots like Acropolis of Athens,   Parthenon, the Acropolis museum, Ancient Agora of Athens, temple of Hephaestus, National archaeological museum of Athens just to mention a few.

While you travel to Greece, getting around in the city of Athens is best done by means of Metro. This mostly used transport mode is operational from 5:30AM to midnight from Sunday to Thursday. In the rest couple of days the availability stretched till 2AM in the night. A single ticket of Metro would cost 1.4 Euros and the day pass will cost you around 4 Euros. The ticket has to be validated at the entry point of the station else later on you would stand a risk of being fined for travelling without validated ticket.

Athens Tram 2

For places where Metro connectivity is not that good, bus and trolley buses are widely available. Using a bus or trolley you can get to almost any place of Central Athens or suburbs. The bus tickets will cost you 1.2 Euro per ticket. You may want to take a ticket worth 1.4 Euro that will be valid for 90 minutes and will be applicable for Metro, bus, trolley and tram as well. These tickets are available at the kiosks or Periptera (in local language) which are scattered throughout the city. Your travel to Greece will not be complete if you do not roam around in the city by means of the bus and trolleys.

Athens trolleys

You just need to ensure a couple of things while you travel in these vehicles. First thing that you need to be sure of is that you are boarding a bus of the right route. Owing to the openings of the Metro stations, many buses have changed routes and that could lead to some confusion. Secondly you need to ensure that your tickets are validated and you do not throw them away as plain clothed ticket inspectors would be on the pry to check your ticket. If you fail to produce one, that would levy a penalty of 5 Euros on you. You would certainly not want anything unpleasant to happen during your travel to Greece, hence hold on to your ticket.

Similar to the buses and trolleys, Tram services are good for those who want to hit the coastline and the city’s beaches. Charges for tram are equal to that of bus which is 1.2 Euros, but the difference is that trams are air conditioned and more comfortable. The only thing that has to be compromised is the speed of the vehicle.

Taxi rides in the city of Athens is inexpensive, but you need to be sure that the meter is set to 1 during daytime which would mean regular fare. During midnight to 5 AM, the meter would be set to 2 meaning that the fare would double during this duration. The rate of ‘1’ would mean that you would be charged at 0.32 Euros per kilometer. Luggage cost would be 0.32 Euros per 10 Kgs. Taxis for Airport transfers operate on flat rate basis which 35 Euros during daytime and 50 Euros during the midnight time slab.

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