Metros, Buses And Trams Make The Transport System Of Milan Very Strong

Milan – the city famous for the masterpiece “The last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci may not be one of the top notch spots, but still you would want to travel to Milan for two reasons, the first one being the world famous mural of da Vinci on the walls of the Basilica de Santa Maria delle Grazie and the other reason being that Milan is the fashion hub of the country.

Getting around in the city while you travel to Milan, is extremely convenient and hassle free, even if you are newbie. There are primarily three modes of transport plying in the city, metro or subway, trams and buses. While cabs are available, but it is not very wise to take one till the time you are absolutely stranded otherwise, as taxis will not only make you shell out a lot of Euros, but will take a lot of time to commute as well, thanks to the busy traffic of the city.

Milan Buses

Take a metro or a bus – the most convenient options

With 4 operating lines, the metro of Milan may not be as extensive and huge a network like that in big cities like Paris or London, but then still it serves as one of the lifelines of the whole transportation system of Milan specially for people who travel to Milan. To pay a visit to the last supper, the corresponding metro station would be Dateo which can be reached by taking metros from Saronno, Novara, piotello Limoto, Pavio or Milano Bovisa stations on different lines.

Buses and trams serve as a wonderful mode of transport in the city of Milan. There are more than 80 bus routes which will let you travel to any tourist destination in and around Milan with much ease. The 94 number buses are specially routed for tourists as the bus route covers the city center as well as all the major tourist points within the city. When you want get off the bus, you need to press the button to alert the conductor and it is recommended to do so a bit earlier than your actual time of getting down.

Milan Metros

Tram travels are fun filled

While you travel to Milan you will discover that a more classic and fun filled mode of transportation in Milan is the Tram. The orange and yellow and sometimes green vehicle offers it services late at night as well and are to be found in any major area of the city. Tram number 2, 4, 14 and 16 are particularly beneficial for the tourists as these cover most areas of interest for people visiting the city.

Azienda Transporti Milanesi aka ATM is the sole company operating the public transport of the city. Hence tickets issued by the ATM (not the bank kiosk though) holds good for both metros and buses/trams. An individual ticket which hold good for 90 minutes will cost you €1.5. Transfers done within first 90 minutes are free. For frequent travelling within the city during your travel to Milan you would need to take the multi-day tickets which are of two types, 24 hours pass worth €4.5 and 48 hours pass worth €8.25. Do not forget to validate the tickets or passes every time you use them. Also, expect ticket inspectors to ask and check your ticket, no matter you are in a metro or in the bus or tram.

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