Transportation details to visit some top places when you travel to Venice,Italy

More about things to visit on your travel to Italy

There are plenty of places to visit on your travel to Italy. Here is some information about top places to visit when you are preparing your itinerary for Italy visit.

Saint Mark’s basilica:

If you are planning to saint marks basilica then you can find plenty of means to reach. If you are at Piazzale Roma, then you can choose water bus lines and each of them would take certain minutes to reach the destination.

  • Line 51 direct will take about 20 minutes
  • Line 1 would take about 40 minutes
  • Line 2 direct would take about 30 minutes

If you are planning to go by walk, then it would take around 40 minutes to reach the place.

Railway station: you can choose the line to reach as per your convenience.

  • Line 2 direct would take about 25 minutes
  • Line 1 will take about 35 minutes
  • Line 51 will take about 25 minutes

Cost to reach would be around 6 euros to 9 euros.

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Grand Canal:

There are great variety of means to reach Grand Canal on your visit to Italy. One of most recommended means would be to choose water bus. The most popular ACTV water bus is the public transportation means that runs from taxi and bus gateway located at Piazzale Roma and reach the Grand Canal. There would be water bus for every 10 minutes and for the most times of the day. There would be one water bus for every 20 minutes past 9.40pm.

The time that is required to reach Grand Canal would be around 40 minutes. Along the way you can find plenty of other beautiful aspects of Venice, Italy as well.

Note: if you want to avoid any type of crowds then you are suggested to take NO 1 Vaporetto that starts in the evening. If you are travelling on old water buses then make sure to sit in the available open bow. To enjoy the best views and the most exquisite atmosphere, you must ride when it’s dark.

To buy tickets for water bus travel, reach Hellovenezia ticket counters or you can also get it from multilingual self-service machines that offer ticket at Piazzale Roma. Make sure to validate your ticket at the Eticket reader at the place of boat stop before you board the water bus.

Cost: for a single ticket the price would be 7.50 Euros that would allow a trip of about 75 minutes ride.


Note: There is daily travel cards that you can buy to save some money when you plan to travel a lot of time when you are in Venice on your travel to Italy trip. Here is the price that is charged as per the convenience of the customers.

  • 1 day Travel card the price would be 20 euros
  • 2 day Travel card the price would be 30 euros
  • 3 day Travel card the price would be 40 euros
  • 7 day Travel card the price would be 60 euros

There is another option to pay 4 Euros as supplement to travel for one way on Venice Airport Bus and for return it would be 8 Euros.

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