Transportation details to visit some top places when you travel to Hong Kong


Ideal guide for tourists to travel to Hong Kong

You can find lots of means to travel within Hong Kong, whether using a tram, ferry, bus, taxi or rail service. The city is considered as one of the best and safest, most efficient as well as frequent systems of public transport. It is also comprises the safe and most convenient methods of payments that is using the octopus card.


Let us go though some of the top places to visit in Hong Kong and its transportation means with details

The peak: it’s considered to be the tallest place and also the most exquisite place to visit when you travel to Hong Kong. You can get to peak using the peak tram. You can get this by reaching Lower terminus of peak tram present on garden road. You can reach garden road on bus number 15C from central pier or you can walk till there from MTR central station through the Exit J2.



  • To reach the peak in Peak tram using sky pass it would cost HK$ 83 for adults including return ticket, and HK$71 for single side travel.
  • For children the cost of ticket including return would be HK$ 40 and for single trip it is HK$ 33.

Without sky pass or just peek tram tickets

  • For adults including return would cost around HK$40 and HK$ 28 for single trip. For children it would cost around HK$ 18 including return and HK$ 11 for single trip.

You can take Bus 15 from the bus terminus exchange square that is near MTR station of Hong Kong via Exit D

Or you can reach from using Minibus 1 from the MTR station of Hong Kong public transport interchange.

Hong Kong Disney land:

It’s another most beautiful location to visit in Hong Kong with family. You can get there from MTR Disneyland resort station. You can buy a tourist pass for HK$ 55 that includes both to and fro trip Hong Kong Disney land.


Temple street Night market:

For place that you must not miss to visit at Hong Kong that starts after sun is down would be the temple street Night market. It offers great aspects such as you can shop well and enjoy opera singer to fortune tellers as well. It would start from 6pm and will be open till 11pm.

Transport: You can get there from Yau Ma Tei MTR station and choose exit C, at man Ming lane turn onto Temple Street

Jordan MTR station and choose Exit A, you need to turn towards right towards Jordan road and another right would lead to Temple Street. It would be around 2 to 3 minutes to reach the place from the Jordan MTR station.

By Bus: you can catch buses no 2, 6A, 6, 1, 9, 7 or 1A to reach a bus stand next to Jordan MTR station and from there it would be just 5 to 10 minutes’ walk to reach Temple street.

Note: You can make use of the octopus card in order to buy tickets and get around 10% discounts on the single tickets as well.

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