Some vital things to do and eat when you travel to Malaysia

If there is an award presented for countries for its diversities then it’s would a doubt must be given to Malaysia. Malaysia has been recognized as a melting point for some of the fine ethnic cultures but there is more to it. There is a perfect blend of various cuisines and customs that would co-exist along with religions in a perfect harmony. There is peace that has been established with all these aspects perfectly. Also there are great number of natural aspects that one must not miss on the travel to Malaysia.

Here are some of the vital thing to do when you travel to Malaysia

Gunung Mulu national park: this is one of the most important place that you should not miss if it’s your first trip to Malaysia. This national park is very popular for the limestone’s that are standing in here in a mesmerizing manner that also creates a karst formations and you can find phenomenal cave systems. This is without a doubt one of the awe-inspiring natural attractions to visit in Malaysia.

Langkawi: it is located on the northwestern coast of Malaysia, over Andaman Sea. It an archipelago of more than 99 different islands that is boasting some of the jaw dropping picturesque rainforest, beaches, forest clad mountains and mangroves.

Taman Negara: it is reputed to be the oldest tropical rainforest that you can find in the world. It’s without a doubt one of the adventure and ecotourism destination that is teeming within an impeccable wildlife that comprises of some of the rare type of plants and exotic birds as well.

Trip to Malaysia

Kuala lampur: it’s a vibrant city that offers everything a person would expect from a tourist spot. It’s a cultural melting pot and comprises of some of the mesmerizing buzzing scenes and skyscrapers comprising some of the find dining and shopping areas.

Let us know more about the food to eat when on travel to Malaysia

There are lots of food that you must eat when you visit Malaysia but here is a sorted list of top best food that you need to try without missing on your trip.

  • Roti canai: it’s a perfect and classic breakfast that would be perfect for lunch, middle night snack or even for dinner as well. Its doughy, flaky, sweet type of pancake that is made up of egg, floor and ghee.
  • Assam laksa: You can find plenty of different types of laksas in Malaysia but Assam laksa is one of the best and it’s recommended for all those tourists who would not want to miss eating the best food of Malaysia before their return.
  • Hokkien Mee: though there are great many restaurants that offer this mesmerizing dish but if you want to try the best among all then you need to visit the streets of Kuala lampur. This is Chinese fired noodles that is braised on a dark soya sauce and would be served with pork, squid, cabbage and fish cake with tiny squares of calorific pork lard that would be added on top. It’s truly a sinful and delicious food to try.
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