Some of the top places to visit when you travel to Cuba

There are plenty of places to visit when you travel to Cuba. The very famous big cigars, package holiday deals and cracking rum are some of the best aspects of Cuba. The resorts that you can find in Cuba would be strewn across the northern beaches. For all those who want to avoid any type of rich cultural influence then you can find some great aspects. Here are some of the best places to visit when you visit Cuba:

Baracoa: if you have reached Havana then you can easily reach to Baracoa. It would be very steamy and a chilled out town that you can find on the southern east coast. You need to drive through Guantanamo to reach here from Havana. Soon you reach the destination, you would be able to find the attraction. There are some mesmerizing waterfall to be found in here as well.

Santiago de Cuba: Old Che and Fidel considered to have started their movements in here hence this place is reeked as the part of their history. You can visit the same barracks that Fidel Castro used to start his revolution, failed but then got caught, then fled towards Mexico where he met Che. The impressive Castillo Del Morro, Citadel are considered to be some of the prime attractions of this place.

Colourful buildings in Havana.
Colourful buildings in Havana.

Havana: this place is the capital city of Cuba and also the spiritual heart of the Cuba. It’s also the source of Cuban cigars and the world popular Havana rum. If this is not enough then you can find out the political culture at the corner of every street would do the job.

Camaguey: this place is called as the Argentinian Cuba. This is also the third largest city of the country. There would be lack of tourists that is the true beauty.

Let’s check out some of the best food to have when you travel to Cuba:

  • Chicharrones: this is nothing but hot thick pork skin belly cuts with skin, a fine layer of meat and fat. The textures and flavors that would combine from having a tasty snack. You can find some of these on best type of Cuba’s cafes and markets.
  • Arroz con pollo: This rice dish and chicken are actually very famous throughout Latin America. It’s basically made up of chicken, saffron, rice, herbs and vegetables. There are variety of variations that you can find in the market.
  • Masitas de Puerco Fritas: this dish is considered to be pork chunks that would slow cooked till its tender and then it would be fried lightly using their own oil.
  • Moros Y Cristianos: this dish is prepared at the times of Christians and moors that live together with each other on the island. The basic ingredients of this recipe would be black beans.

This dish is very popular and known as Cuban hamburger. The frita would comprise of patty of some seasoned ground beef. It would sometimes be mixed with chorizo a swell. There are various types of toppings that you can find when you travel to Cuba.

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