Learn more about best places to visit when you travel to Panama

Panama Canal is world famous aspects that everyone in the world would know but it’s not the only aspect for which most of the visitors who visit to Panama every year would come for. There are plenty of other aspects as well to check and consider seeing on your travel to Panama. Here is an exhaustive list of aspects that you can do when you plan to have a great trip to Panama.

Playa las Lajas: it one of the most beautiful beach that you can find in Panama. This beach extends for about 13kms along the pacific coast of Gulf of Chiriquí. With only a little current and some of the perfect water temperatures that the weather has to offer, las Lajas is recognized to be a great place for bodysurfing and swimming.

The Panama Canal: as we all know the significance of Panama Canal and the world’s greatest achievements of engineering. There are variety of options to consider for visitors who want to make a survey of it. They can either take a complete or a partial crossing over the canal to explore it. The crossing would take about eight hours to complete and many tourists would love to explore by visiting Mira Flores locks museum.

Trip to Panama

Bocas town: it is the capital city of the province Bocas Del Toro. This is also the best spot for all scuba divers as the dives found in here are shallow and particularly best suited for beginners. Also there is extensive coral reef with some of the mesmerizing colorful features and topical fish would be an attractions in here.

Let us know more about the food not to miss when you travel to Panama

Starchy foods: yes, you can find rice in almost all places in Panama and the people in here love to eat rice in different varieties. Yucca is considered to be the traditional yet mesmerizing ingredient that grown in the depleted soils. Normally the Panamanians would consume boiled green bananas as they are very much staple food in here. Green bananas are, fried first, then smashed and again fried are called as Patacones.

  • Bollo: This is considered to be consumed during holy week and it would be completely vegetarian. It would be made very much in advance such as tamal without filling: cornmeal, just salt, wrapped in leaves and boiled or steamed before it’s consumed.
  • Arroz a Guandu: this is a home cooked dish that you might find on your bus stop buffet. It is considered to be a source of price and would be prepared always on special occasions.
  • Chicheme: this is a sweet corn milk that would be offered for drink and its non-alcoholic,
  • Seco Herrerano: this is a spirit distilled traditional that you can find in Herrera province and can be found in parties, bar drinks and carnival celebrations.

There are lots of other special dishes that are prepared only in Panama and it’s recommended for all tourists who plan to travel to Panama to add it on their bucket list of to do items.

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