Important aspects about travel to Egypt

There are some mesmerizing aspects to consider when you plan to travel to Egypt. You can choose the best type of aspects to do when you are in Egypt’s and here are some top things to see in Egypt:

The great pyramids of Giza: one of the world’s most mesmerizing and still wondered quintessential Egyptian landmark that everyone would have to visit and see once in their lifetime. These are more than 4600 years old and are considered to be the only wonders of the world of ancient history. Sunset would be the best time to check out the pyramids of Giza.

Sphinx present in Giza: the literally meaning of this would be ‘the terrifying one’ and can be found on the west banks of the river Nile and can be found directly opposite to Khafre pyramid.

Sakkara: if you are in Cairo area then you must be able to visit as it’s the favorite place of plenty of people in the world. There is plenty of things to do in this area, still its little visited. There are plenty of varieties of architectures to be found in this place.

Trip to Egypt

Egyptian museum located at Cairo: you would be amazed to see the number of antiquities that you can find on display in here. This museum is considered to be the largest collection of antiquities that can be found on display on the planet. It has more than 100,000 ancient and unique type of artifacts that would date more than 3500 BC. If you love relics then you can spend days checking the Labyrinth of relics.

Some of the top dishes that you need to taste when you travel to Egypt

  • Gibna Domiait: it is a very special type of dish that is nothing but a soft cheese that would be made in Damietta city in the northern part of Egypt. It is made up of nothing but buffalo milk but in some cases, cow milk would be used or added as well to get a better mixture and taste. The specialty of this cheese is that, it would be aged for a minimum period of 1 to 3 years before it would be eaten.
  • Kushari: this is considered to be the national dish of Egypt. It would comprise of tomato sauce and pasta along with some other ingredients such as caramelized onions, chickpeas, garlic, rice and lentils. It has been the very popular dish for more than a century in Egypt.
  • Full medames: it is found to be one among the most common type of staple foods items that you can find in Egypt. It would comprise of lava beans that is served with garlic, lemon juice and oil.
  • Fatta: it is recognized as a Nubian dish that is normally prepared during the most special occasions such as first birth by a women and it is done during both Muslim and Christian holiday events as well. It would comprise of fired bread with various layers of rice, covered using vinegar meat soup and garlic.

These are few among the top dishes you can find when you travail to Egypt. You can find plenty of other popular dishes in Egypt.

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