Top 20 Hagia Sophia Facts Need to Know Before Traveling

If you are planning a trip to the city of Istanbul, there are certain things you need to know before dropping in. The city has remains of the old Byzantium and Ottoman Empires which makes it mystical.

The facts of Hagia Sophia that you should know:

(1) The word Hagia Sophia has derived its name from the Greek language, where Sophia is meant wisdom and a direct translation of the term come to be known as “Place of pilgrimage of The Holy of God”.

(2) Hagia Sophia is believed to be the third church, which was constructed in the same place. The first one is heard to have been burnt down way back in the 404. After this, the second church was built, which was also burnt during the revolt of Nika which was against the Emperor Justinian I.

(3) It is also said that it took around about a century to build the cathedral of Notre Dame. However, Hagia Sophia took nearly 5 years and 10 months.

(4) Hagia Sophia is constructed with the material which was collected from all over the Byzantine Empire.

(5) Since Hagia Sophia is known for having the largest dome and it is heard that the dome is the cause of the change that art form and architecture which persisted in the Byzantine Empire.

(6) It is also heard that till the time Hagia Sophia was in a shape of a church, nearly 50-foot silver iconostasis was there till it was converted to be a mosque.

(7) Hagia Sophia was converted to a mosque in the year 1935 under the initiated by the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was the first president of Turkey.

(8) Hagia Sophia is made of the mosaics which has been hand crafted in an explicit way and the visitors find it great.

Other details about Hagi Sophia:

(9) The mighty window counts around 40 are all around the dome, which is made in the form of a shell.

(10) It is a unique contrast that two religions have been blended in the building consist the Christian figures and the calligraphy of the Islamic faith.

(11) It has been the wonder that the building has been the seat of three religions, the Pagan, Christianity and later the Sunni Islamic religion.

(12) During the time when the mosque was being built, all the bells and the Alter were removed from the church.

(13) It is also heard that the columns were collected from the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. The green marbles were collected from Thessaly; the black stones came from Bosphorus and the huge stones from Egypt.

(14) It is heard that Russia was affected and they picked up the mainstream Christianity and not the Catholic Christianity.

(15) It is also heard that the building have underground cellars where the priests hid and also tried to safe guard the relics.

(16) The Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Blue Mosque is built being inspired by the Hagia Sophia.

(17) It is said that nearly 10000 men have worked to build the mighty building.

(18) Many Christian frescoes have been covered as ordered by the Sultan Mehmed II.

(19) Hagia Sophia is built at such a juncture that any big earthquake can actually bring down the building.

(20) Because of the mighty dome, the walls tilted outward till the walls were built to support the building.

So it is certainly amazing to know such facts about the mighty Hagia Sophia.

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