Top 30 Chichen Itza Facts Need to Know Before Traveling

It is the real facts about the ancient spot like Chichen Itza that makes the travel to the spot really comfortable and tension free. There is no doubt that these 30 tips certainly help you in planning the travel in perfect way.

(1) Chichen Itza which means “At the mouth of the well of the Itza” is the second most pre Colombian city which dates back to 600 to 1000 A.D.

(2) The land where the pyramid of Chichen Itza located was purchased from the private owner by the state of Yucatan in 29th March 2010.

(3) Another earlier name for the city is indicated by Chilam Balam books.

(4) Some of the earlier names of the city include Uuc Hab Nal, Uuc Yabnal, Uc Abnal and Uucyabnal.

(5) Government of the city is entirely different and is controlled by not an individual ruler but instead a “multepal” system.

(6) Maya world enjoyed dominant economic power with trade routes established up to South America.

(7) By the end of Early Classic period, that is about 600 AD, city of Chichen Itza has grown to a regional prominence.

(8) The ancient city has developed enough to become the capital city with the control of almost all important parts of Northern and Central peninsula.

(9) Important parts of the city spread around 5 square kilometers.

(10) Building of this ancient beautiful city is connected with close network of causeways.

(11) The basic construction styles used in most of the layouts include The Puuc and Chenes originated from Northern Yucatan.

(12) Researchers believe that the city resulted in the fall of two allied cities named Coba and Yaxuna who were already at the edge of decline.

(13) The city was conquered by ruler of Mayapan named Hunac in 13th

(14) The city of Chichen Itza dropped as a regional center by 1250 CE.

(15) The center of this ancient Maya city is dominated by El Castillo which is also known as Temple of Kukulcan.

(16) El Castillo is an older temple which was built on top of another with a superimposed construction style.

(17) This monument is build between 9th and 12th centuries by Maya civilization and was dedicated to the god Kukulkan.

(18) Sun strikes in the northern west corner of the monument during spring and autumn resulting in triangular shadows that attracts several tourists round the world.

(19) Each side of this pyramid has 91 steps.

(20) Total steps of pyramid are counted to 365 which are equal to the total number of days in Haab’s year.

(21) Ancient Maya residents were great athletes and around 13 ball- courts were discovered by archeologists.

(22) Ball court situated near the North West side of pyramid is the largest and best maintained ball court in ancient Mesoamerica.

(23) The pyramid has a platform that is dedicated to planet Venus.

(24) Las Monjas is another notable structure apart from Chichen Itza which is build in Puuc architectural style.

(25) The Osario is another step pyramid to visit in the city which is smaller in size but similar to El Castillo.

(26) Another amazing construction to visit is Temple of Warriors and the temple complex include large step pyramid.

(27) El Caracol is another unusual but the most important temple in Chichen Itza.

(28) It is believed that this temple served as observation tower.

(29) The Casa Colorada is said as one the best maintained building in the city with Maya dates related with 869 AD inscribed on it.

(30) Even though city was collapsed with the arrival of Spanish Conquistadores, it was free from complete abandonment.


There is no doubt these tips will really seem to be very helpful with your Chichen Itza tour.

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