30 Machu Picchu Facts Need to Know Before Traveling

Machu Picchu is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Peru and is visited by several international tourists every year. With the online tour booking services it is so easy for you book the tours and to get the related details. It is better to read about historical facts of Machu Picchu before you visit the spot. Here are 30 important facts about this excellent spot.

(1) Rediscovery of this Inca citadel was made by Hiram Bingham on july24th 1911.

(2) Based on the scrawls on the wall, he suggested that local muleteer have been in this place during 1902.

(3) Some says that German named Augusto Berns, found this citadel in 1867 before Hiram Bingham.

(4) It is said that the locals are well aware about the presence of this citadel and a local guide named Melchor Arteaga led Hiram Bingham to the place.

(5) In 1983, this citadel was declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.

(6) You will certainly experience the facts that made this citadel to consider as one of the most preserved and valued Columbian ruins in the world.

(7) Even though you can visit and return the place in a day, stay for a night or two can gift you with a complete experience.

(8) Aguas Calientes is grown as the best place to provide basic to luxury accommodation and the starting point by bus to this Incan citadel if you prefer it.

(9) If you travel by train, you will be deposited at Aguas Calietes that reside at the foot of Machu Picchu.

(10) Train travelers prefer to travel by bus during March and April due to maintenance works on the line.

(11) The cost of train journey depends on the level of luxury you select in travel.

(12) There are three train options to select from include The Expedition (basic), VistaDome train (train with lot of windows) and Hiram Bingham (luxury train) run by Orient Express.

(13) Narrow-gauge train departing from Poroy station is preferred by most of the travelers.

(14) Five days travel to this place from Cuzco is referred as hiking to Machu Picchu.

(15) Five days journey to this city for Hiram Bingham remain as so long unknown and undescribed.

(16) Cuzco with population more than 3, 00,000 is said as the gateway to this Inca citadel. But, never confused with the word gateway since Machu Picchu lies 50 miles beyond Cuzco.

(17) Symptoms of altitude sickness can happen from 7,000, 8,000 or 9,000 feet depending on the yardstick you use.

(18) Take necessary steps to free from dehydration and avoid alcohol to cope up with the altitude.

(19) Oxygen is provided by some hotels and coca tea is offered by others for the visitors. Chewing coca leaves help you to relieve from altitude issues even though they are not offered for sale.

(20) It is better to consult a doctor if you feel any sort of discomfort like shortness of breath or headaches.

(21) Some people experience acute mountain sickness at the height of 11,150 feet.

(22) Cuzco means center of earth.

(23) Most of the facts about Inca society mix fact with myth.

(24) Spelling of original words can vary since there is no written language system for Incas.

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(25) Incas have created political systems and incredible architecture without any written system of language.

(26) The counting system used by Incas is known as khipu.

(27) Half of the population of Peru is contributed by Quechua which is a South American Indian group.

(28 Borders of Peru are shared with countries of Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia.

(29) Peru has a size equivalent to size of three Californias.

(30) Machu Picchu is the center of attraction in Peru.


There is no doubt these 30 facts give you a clear picture about Machu Picchu and Peru.