Tourism information for the vacations in the Maldives

The Maldives is the Indian of Ocean archipelago, the capital is Male, composed of 19 groups of coral atolls, more than 1200 coral islands, of which 202 islands are inhabited. The national territory covers an area of 298 square kilometers. The distance from the northeast to the Sri Lanka is about 640 km apart. Stretching 800 km, the north and south are long and narrow low, an average elevation of 1.2 meters. The climate in Maldives is tropical rainforest climate, hot and damp, without the four seasons. Maldives is one of the world’s largest coral island nation.
The Maldives is a typical archipelago, is located in the southern Indian Ocean, close to the equator, about 6~7 hundred km from Sri Lanka and India. The Maldives is composed of more than one thousand coral islands, the country only can live people, more than 200 islands that nearly half of the island has been developed as a holiday island, each island is a resort hotel, in 1~ 2 square kilometers area, traverse distance is equivalent to two or three standing the bus station. International airport is on an island, from the airport to any place
Tourism is the main economic source of the Maldives. The Maldives government attaches great importance to protect the environment and marine. The beach is everywhere on the bottom.

Tourism information for the vacations in the Maldives
The capital of Male as the country’s “big” island, close to two square kilometers, densely populated, the general tourists can visit the city within half a day. Scenic spots in the city are not much, as the Muslim nations will some back to the church and grave, fish market, and museums. The Maldives is the most attractive resources formed by the coral island. Distance near islands, the yacht can reach. The island far away need take a seaplane or helicopter to go. The plane can carry 16 to 20 people. When the plane flew over the low blue sea, passengers can appreciate the sea island, all the way from the plane. Landing, glide seaplane the sea, and then parked a floating platform on the sea. Each island resort representative already waiting there, respectfully polite welcomed the passengers aboard, sent to the resort.
Diving, sailing, fishing, sunbathing, visit the other islands and other activities, let the passengers blissfully unaware. Due to very strict environmental policy implementation on the island, the sea, the beach here is no pollution. Sand is white, the shell is white, white fish, crab is also white! The sea buoyancy far here, can’t swim, just lie low is on the sea, hands and legs straight, also can enjoy the fun in the sea.
The night life here is enjoyable. You can listen to music in the bar, or to watch the bridge of the fish at night. Romantic couples can lay on the beach more number of stars.

vacations in the Maldives

The Maldives custom clothing with casual clothes is common here, the most suitable way T – shirts and cotton clothing. For those who easily or sunburn skin suntan, wide edge big straw hat and dark glasses is necessary. Arrived at the horse tired or other islands, remember here is a Muslim society, behavior and clothing to keep straight. Visitors are not fit in the Maldives beach in a bikini or other thin sand clothing. This is contrary to the local customs.
In addition, the visitors back to the church to dress dignified, clothes must be our hands and feet. Female tourists do not wear short-sleeved or sleeveless clothes, shorts and skirt. Remember to take off their shoes before in back to the church. No alcohol here because locals do not drink alcohol, so resort hotel only provides tourists non-alcoholic drinks. Maldives capital only allows a non-alcoholic drinks in the bar, all the bars in the hotel.
The Maldive Lady is a kind of strong local, sweet cocktails. In every tourist island bar has the different formula, by modulating the cocktail. To visit the Maldives, don’t miss this wine without alcohol!

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