The climate, Population,economy, and other information about living in Australia country

Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the world’s largest island, and it is the world’s sixth largest country, behind Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil. Area of Australia is about 770 square kilometers, and 36735 km long coastline. Australia is one of the world’s oldest and flattest continent.
The climate in Australia:
The north of Australia is in the tropical, the central is in the arid zone, and south of Australia is in the temperate zone. Australia’s climate is opposite to the northern hemisphere, the summer by the beginning of December, June is the beginning of winter. In the north of Australia, the temperature is higher, and the temperature throughout the year to maintain more than 20 degrees. In the south of Australia, it’s low temperature with an average of about 14 degrees in winter, and an average of about 26 degrees in summer.
Population in Australia:
Australia has a population of more than eighteen million people. Eighty-five percent of people live on the east coast, the 85 kilometers of coastline. Almost a quarter of Australians are born in overseas, and a one-fifth person’s father or mother was born overseas. In recent ten years, increase the number of Asian immigrants, the number of Chinese residents has more than three hundred thousand, most concentrated in Sydney or Melbourne and other big cities. Australians are more easy-going and friendly, because the population constructed from many countries, and the government policy of multiculturalism different peoples can live in peace.

Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia
The economy of Australia:

Australia has the world’s twelfth largest economy system with quick development speed. It has very good natural resources, mining is also very rich, but it’s main export is still the wool, grain, meat, sugar, and fruit.
The religious of Australia:
Christianity is the most people religion in Australia, but people of different races and cultures have the different religion. Australia is a country with a freedom of religion, so whatever you believe in Buddhism, Taoism and other religious, you can find your religious groups in Australia.
Currency in Australia:
Australia’s currency is in decimal and in Dollar $ as the unit. 100 Cents for a dollar. Note the material is to use synthetic polyester as the material. There are 5 Dollar, 10 Dollar, 20 Dollar, 50 Dollar and 100 Dollar. A coin has two kinds of color, silver is made from copper and nickel alloy, aluminum bronze and gold is made. Silver COINS have 5, 10, 20 and 50, and golden COINS there is $1 and $2. The Australian dollar and the RMB exchange rate is about $1 = 5 to 6 Dollar, and the dollar’s exchange rate is about $1 = 0.6 to $0.6.
Social welfare
Australia from 1910 to set up pension the cause of the social security disability benefits and started from the maternal subsidies in 1912. When the social security is regarded as a radical approach, to Australia won the reputation of the pioneer social welfare undertakings. Australia’s social security system to the because of old age, loss of working ability, unemployment or single parent family and don’t have enough income and family provide economic support. It also provides a person with an ability to work to find professional pipeline. At present, there are about five million Australians enjoy social insurance treatment. Information about living in Australia country
Retirees in Australia:
Australian men at least 65 – year – old age has pensioner, and women should over the age of at least 60 years old. Pensioners wife even though I enjoy annuities can also be ineligible to pensions. How much can get old-age pension or collect, will be in accordance with the relevant people income, assets, and to satisfy the requirement of living conditions. All the pensioner’s get preferential medical drugs and other health care benefits. Other offer provided by the government to enjoy pension allowances including transportation, local taxes, such as electricity and auto registration fees. Australia and some countries signed an agreement on social security.
The unemployed in Australia

Families with children:
Australia’s federal government aims to ensure that families with children (including single-parent families) to get enough revenue and other reasonable financing, in order to solve the expense of having children. The purpose of this project is to ensure that children get the value of the subsidies can remain stable, compared with other social security subsidies and provide appropriately for single-parent family income. It by adding not responsible for the care of parents to the child’s support to improve parents separated family economic conditions of the children. Combining government and other institutions provide opportunities to encourage self-help, thus reducing the dependence on social security funds. All that raising children one or more than one person can get subsidies, but must obtain the money through a survey of family income and property condition. Family benefits usually once every two weeks to send, to the main guardian, are generally not to the child’s mother. Low-income families in the more strict survey of income and property condition investigation can get more funding. In addition, families who rent eligible for a certain amount of rent subsidies. Single-parent families can get guardian allowance.
Living in Australia:
Australia’s housing a striking feature is private occupancy rate is quite high. About 70% of the residents have their own houses, they currently live or are buying a house. Although 20% of new homes for high-density housing, including housing and apartment living community, but is still the most common housing blocks of independent brick houses.

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