The history of Dongpo pork, the specialty food of West Lake, China

Su Dongpo born in song dynasty (1036-1101), the composition ranked eight people of tang and song dynasty. His and Xin-Qi-Ji lyrics were the best in that dynasty. Calligraphy and painting are all individuals. Even in the culinary arts, he was also with good skill. When he had been exiled to his violation of the emperor, often personally cooking taste with friends, the soy sauce meat is his best cooking. According to his poem said his cooking experience is: “slow fire, less water, when the temperature of the foot since its beauty.” He experience had being used, however, is named “Dongpo pork”, it is the second time he reportedly back to Hangzhou for local officials began when that funny thing happened.
The west lake has been obliterated by the Frenchy grass most at that time. After he took office, tens of thousands of migrant workers in addition to the Frenchy field, lake dredging port, dig up the mud pile built a long beach, and Bridges to clear lake, the West lake show to reproduce, and water storage irrigation field. This heap of long beach, improve the environment, bring the benefit of water conservancy, both were added for the west lake scenery. Later formed is listed as one of ten views of the west lake “Chunxiao Su causeway.”

Dongpo pork, the specialty food of West Lake, China
At the time, Su Dongpo was praised by local people for a good thing. People know he likes to eat braise in soy sauce meat, in the Spring Festival cook pork to send him to represent their own mind. Su Dongpo received so much pork, think should share of migrant workers in the west lake with tens of thousands of dredging, cut the meat into the piece to their family with his style of cooking fire, even the wine together, according to the roster of migrant workers to distribute to every household. Families cook with wine and braise in soy sauce meat make it more crisp taste, was also praised for Su Dongpo and meat cooked more chic and delicious. All praise, interesting, then to Su Dongpo taught the students, in addition to writing articles to learn calligraphy, also someone to learn “Dongpo pork”. More and more restaurants cook this delicious meat by his method, and improve in practice continuously making Dongpo pork famous in the world.

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