Find out information on things to do on your travel to Arabia

Arabia is the ideal place for all types of travelers under the sun. Hence here are some must see places on your travel to Arabia.

Madain Saleh: if you want to visit only one place in Arabia, then make sure its Madain Saleh. It comprises of everything that you want to see and behold in your memories for the rest of your life. It has some of the best breath taking views of nature, worldly scenery and not to forget very rich history that is worth exploring for plenty of days.

Najran: this city is very much colorful and can be found on the borders of Yemeni. It offers some of the best and unforgettable experience for all type of travelers under the sun. It comprises of unique architecture, history and culture that blends precisely with Yemen, which is a neighboring province. It’s very much tourist friendly place and can please even the most veteran travelers as well.

Farasan islands: it’s one among the favorite destination for all those who love water and diving under water. Some of the most popular diving destinations would be Jacques Cousteau. This place has more than few private beaches to offer and sand for all to enjoy. It’s also a great place for all bird watchers as well.

Trip to Arabia

Al Soudah: This place is near Abah and Asir national park that comprise of lush and breezy paradise that is best visited during the season of hot summer. The park comprises of features such as cable cars, trekking, camping sites and many type of outdoor activities to find along with the interesting architecture and sociable people.

Here is some best food cuisines that you need to try on your travel to Arabia

  • Hummus: this is a chickpea spread that would be slathered on various ingredients such as baked potato or a burger to traditional pita bread that is traditional hot. Veteran preference on this dish would be adding more garlic to the dish to make it much better.
  • Manakeesh: it’s considered to be the pizza that would be of Arabic world. This dish would comprise of round bread that would be sprinkled with ground meat, cheese or herbs as per the choice. There are great varieties you can come from both street vendors and Levantine restaurants.
  • Grilled halloumi: These mini slabs would be very much great and chewy goodness and is made from sheep and goat milk. Unlike other type of cheeses there is no bacteria or acid that is used for the processing.
  • Foul meddamas: this dish would be olive oil, garlic, onion, lemon, parsley and fava beans. Also this dish might not have the best appetizing presentation that you are expecting to find but the taste would surely be a treat to your taste buds. The taste and the texture makes this dish the most popular in the best food list of Arabia.

You can find some best type of food dishes that must be tasted before your return. You can check and collect the list before you make the travel to Arabia.

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