Information about Santiago, the capital of Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is the fourth largest city in South America. Located in the central Chile, it is near the Mapocho river, east to the Andes, west to Valparaíso port about 185 kilometers. Santiago covers an area of 13,308 square kilometers, at an altitude of 600 meters. It is warm in summer, and dry and cool in winter with fog. A population of 6.06 million (In the year of 2002), was founded in 1541. 1818 Mipu-battle for the decisive battle of the war of independence (Chile), became the capital of Chile.

After found silver, Santiago rapidly developed in the 19th century, and then faced frequent earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, historic buildings collapsed. Today has become a modernized city of San Diego. The city is beautiful spectacular. Palm leaf throughout the year. Near the center of the city, 230 meters high Santa Lucía Hill for the famous scenic spot. Northeast is at an altitude of 1000 meters of San Cristobal Hill, mountain neck to erect a statue of a giant marble statue of the virgin, for a large local scene.

Santiago, the capital of Chile

San Diego's main street, O'Higgins Avenue is 3 km long, 100 meters wide, across the city. Not far along the tree-lined road, every have a fountain and vivid statue. Tahrir square is in the street west, and Syntagma square and Baghdad's square are nearby. Urban and suburban have the Catholic church, the cathedral, the post office, city hall; Ancient university of Chile, Catholic university, national college, South America's largest library (collection of 1.2 million books), the history museum, national gallery of art, and park, the zoo, and places of historic interest. Nearly 54% of the nation's industries focus on this city. Suburban Andean landscape irrigation, agriculture developed, there is also the national land and air transportation center.