Why doesn’t it rain in Lima, Peru ? The weather of Lima

Lima is the capital of the republic of Peru, across the Rimac River, south, north shore, is the name of Lima, derived from the Rimac River. The northeast have San Cristobal Hill, west Pacific coast port city of Callao.

Lima, founded in 1535, long-term for the Spanish colonies in South America. In 1821 Peru’s independent and set Lima as the capital with the population of 7.8167 million (2005). Lima is the world famous “No rain city”, the four seasons, no rain, only in December and next year January, often have thick wet fog formed by numerous fog, annual rainfall of only 10 ─ 50 mm. The climate of four seasons are like spring here, the coldest month average temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, the hottest month average temperature of 23.5 degrees Celsius.

Why doesn't it rain in Lima, Peru

In the “No rain city”, you will find that many of the “strange” phenomenon. Street was not a sewer, for example, the city of a large number of residential buildings are adobe, or housing is made of cardboard, what’s more, some housing didn’t build. Moreover, Lima citizens never purchase umbrella, raincoat and rain gear. The phenomenon of “strange” actually it is no wonder that to Lima. On the contrary, if all of a sudden there was a heavy rain cats and dogs, and that is the biggest thing for people in Lima.

Lima has two parts of the new and old city, old city in the north, near the Potomac, many colonial rule buildings. The old town square, it is the center of the “Armed square”. From the square radiate all by large pieces of stone paved roads, leading to all corners of the city. Square, surrounded by tall buildings, such as Pizarro palace in 1938 part of the construction of the government building site, built in 1945 in Lima municipal buildings and shops.


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