The industry and transportation of Tampere, Finland

The industry of Tampere:

Tampere was famous for wood, textile, metal and other industries all over the world, during the industrial revolution, known as the northern Manchester. Unexpected is Tampere that years of factory building, now many of them became into a leisure centers such as shops, restaurants, cinemas, and even some still converted into luxury hotels, and makes Tampere form a special distinctive style of city.

Tampere belonged to a small market before, built by king Gustav iii of Sweden in 1775, four years after formally founded. To the second half of the 19th century, Tampere had become the main industrial centers, and focused almost half of the country's industry, so-called "Manchester in the north.

Tampere is located in the Southwest Finland, 170 kilometers south from Helsinki. The city is located in between two lakes, and it has 18 meters gap between these two lakes, so water provides the main source of power for Tampere, until today, hydroelectric power is one of the important source of power.

Tampere city borders the west side of Nokia city, is the birthplace of the world famous mobile phone maker Nokia Corporation.

The transportation of Tampere:

Tampere - Pirkkala Airport is located in the southwest of Tampere , the Pirkkala city, about 17 kilometers from downtown Tampere. The airport has the domestic destinations to Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Stockholm and also has European destination to Copenhagen, London, Frankfurt, Milan.

Tampere train station, located near the downtown railway is the rail system of "crossroads" in Finland. The train from northern Lapland to Helsinki and central inland train passed Tampere. From the Helsinki and the western port city of Turku by Finland train to Tampere drive about 2 hours and 1.8 hours respectively.