Turku, the most ancient city of Finland

Turku is Finland's most ancient city, is also the third largest city of Finland. Turku was once the capital of Finland, with two universities, one of them is a Swedish university in Finland, and make it became the academic and technology center. Today, it is still the most important city in southwestern Finland. Turku, this word is Slavic original intention, it means the Market, and now downtown Turku, also known as Market Place.
In the 12th century, Turku is Baltic trade stronghold. The 13th century, the most important landmarks of Turku were"Turku castle" and "Turku cathedral started building". In later 300 years, this city has the inseparable relations with Sweden, and the city became a Finnish territory of the national capital. In the 17th century, Finland Turku university "first colleges set up here, too. Before independence move capital Helsinki in Finland, Turku is the capital of Finland.

Turku, the most ancient city of Finland

Turku was closed to Sweden, and he was influenced by Sweden style of architecture, culture rival city as Finland and Russia. In addition to the representative, nearly 800 years of history has become one of the most popular tourist attractions. Finland culture contains two origins: one is from Sweden, another one is from Russia, the ancient capital of Turku is a typical to Sweden. Less than 100 years of the founding of the Finnish hovers between Sweden and Russia the cauldron in history, eastern Finland is not difficult to sniff out a Slavic emotional appeal; West and south coast still Swedish settlers live hundreds of years ago, the Swedish language spoken in this, even the words are in Finnish and Sweden.
Turku in 2004 will be the only city of Finland and presided over the modern Hanseatic league meeting, in the same year Turku will celebrate her 775th birthday. In addition, Turku is often considered to be the Finnish the only western European cities.