What to see in Doha, Qatar ?

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is also the Qatar’s economy, transportation and cultural center. One of the famous Persian Gulf port, located in the central part of Qatar peninsula’s east coast. The climate is hot and humid in summer, especially in June to September, temperatures can reach at 48 ℃. Climate in winter is cool, and the temperature is appropriate. At night the temperature is in commonly below 20 ℃, the minimum can be up to 7 ℃. No rain in summer, winter is windy and scarce rainfall. A population of 340,000 (in the year of 2004), is almost the 50% of the total population of Qatar.

Doha is a former fishing port with pearl ship port. After the Second World II with the domestic oil industry development and prosperity, focus most of the country’s liquefied natural gas, petrochemical, power generation, cement, plastic products, fish processing, seawater desalination and other industries. Built in 1970 deep water port, can berth ten thousand tons boats.

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama

Wide streets in the city, there are many Arab nation characteristics of tall buildings. The Emir palace, grand Mosque in the capital, national museum and Aquariums are all the best attractions you can see in Doha. Doha’s seaside avenue Corniche Street (about 8 km) is the most beautiful avenue, is a major leisure, fitness place for Doha citizens. Avenue with a broad green space, grow a verdant lawn, perennial flowers and tall date-palm trees. There is a large central avenue street park – Beida park, there are more than reflect the Arab tradition art sculpture, and often held large celebration here. The Emir palace is located on the side of coastal avenue, many government agencies such as the ministry of foreign affairs, copies, ministry of finance, the ministry of the interior, the central bank are built along the road, some modern buildings on this avenue.


Qatar national museum in Doha city can be said the place where the historical testimony of Qatar. Qatar national museum officially opened in June 1975.

Doha, Qatar night

Qatar university is the only university in Qatar located in Doha suburb with education, humanities, technology, law, engineering, economics, management, technology, all 7 departments and some scientific research experiment center in this university.

Doha transportation is convenient, near the international airport and deep water port, and other towns across the country and neighbors Saudi Arabia also has the highway to connect with.

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