The history of Panama Canal

The Panama canal is located in the central part of the republic of Panama in America, it is an important shipping communication of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Panama canal length 81.3 km, 13 meters to 15 meters water depth, river 150 meters to 304 meters wide. The two oceans are 26 meters above the water level of the canal with six locks. Ship through the canal generally needs nine hours, navigable 76000 – ton ship.

The Panama canal digging process is for a period of extraordinary history. How many years, imperialism has been trying to control the Latin American countries, including the sovereign territory of these countries, energy, transportation, etc. In the area of the republic of Panama was a by expansion, by country, the people in the history of Panama suffered the slavery and oppression of imperialism, the Panama canal is the best witness.

Aerial view of the Panama Canal.
Aerial view of the Panama Canal.

The border of Panama is located in North America and South America, regional obvious advantages, faces the Pacific on the left and right near the Atlantic ocean, land the widest width is only 80 km. All this leaves the Panama become an ideal place between two oceans. As early as the age of 16, Spanish king Charles V had ordered the measurement and investigation of the Panama canal. In 1879, held in Paris, France to review international conference of the Panama canal problems, decided by the French government fully responsible for digging the canal. On January 1, 1880, France’s “global ocean international Panama” announced formally started dug the Panama canal. However, due to the occurrence and spread of the epidemic and financial difficulties, digging engineering finally ground to a halt in 1889. In the later time, the United States, Britain and France around the Panama canal digging problem launched fierce snare. In 1901, the United States, forced the British to heel, concluded a treaty, abolished at the same time ensure that the two countries signed in 1850 for the panama canal treaties with equal rights. America ever won the privileges, operation and management of the Panama canal was dug in 1903, under the planning of the United States, some people staged a coup of Panama region of the republic of Colombia, announced the formation of the republic of Panama. On November 18, the same year, the beauty of the United States and Panama to sign the unequal treaty, provides us with a payment of $10 million and pay rent the price of $250000, after nine years for permanent use Panama canal area (about 147400 hectares) of the rights of the canal zone. In addition to the rights, the rights of the United States also have to build railways and security forces.

Gate of Panama Canal

Canalized channel on the basis of the original in France, the United States and continue to invest $387 million and employs hundreds of thousands of people digging canals. Gouged construction in the whole process, the workers from around the world, including many Chinese workers, to build the Panama canal at the sweat. The workers working in the harsh environment has 70,000 Panama and the workers died of other countries. The Panama canal was completed in 1914, 1915, navigation, canal in 1920 to become an international navigable waterways. Because of the Panama canal opening, the distance between the Pacific and Atlantic than the original shortened 5,000 km to 10,000 km. Now, each year about 12000 to 12000 collected from all over the world ship through the canal.

The Panama canal, America has been controlled canals and so on each link. Until today, the highest authority in the management of the canal is the Panama canal management committee, head of the committee by the Americans, the deputy is Panama, canal all the pilot as by Americans.

In order to regain the control of the canal, Panama people’s heroic struggle continuously. On January 9, 1946, Panama has shocked the world patriotic struggle against the United States broke out. People’s unremitting struggles against and in Panama, the United States government finally and Panama government signed the Panama canal treaty. According to this treaty, the United States should be around 1999 years ago to the Panama canal and return all the Panama canal zone, us troops stationed in the canal zone 16 bases will all be removed. Canal after back, the government will also set up specialized management institutions dealing with the canal.


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