What matters need attention in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong tourist shopping ?

First of all, shop in Southeast Asia is not the lower the price the better. The visitors should shop with rational consumption, and don’t fall into the consumptive trap of low price and low quality. Second, insist on the principle of voluntary shopping. Travel agencies and tour guides shall not force the tourists shopping. Shopping activities (including location and number) should be expressed in the travel plan. Shopping activities outside of travel plan arrangement, the tourists shall have the right to refuse to participate. In a travel agency to arrange the shopping place. If produce the problem such as quality and price, the responsibility will be shoppers conceit. Third, don’t trust of local tour guide to show for visitors to choose the so-called recommended by the country’s tourism sector “vanity project”, don’t illegal to attend fee-paying project. Such as “Human qigong”, “golden cat”, “night in Paris”, “mandarin duck bath” vulgar performances need to avoid the violation of the law of the host countries and all to participate in the activities of any consequences are responsible by yourself.

Southeast Asia tourist shopping

Shopping is a major activity when travel to Hong Kong, but shopping in Hong Kong should pay attention to the following questions:

  1. The price before you purchase should compare with more stores to prevent buying expensive goods. Department stores and chain stores goods are in plain code and also marks a price, and the open-air stalls and street shops are agreed on the price.
  2. If buying the luxury items , you should prepared before your shopping. Many people like to buy gold, silver jewelry, high-grade watches and rare medicinal materials in Hong Kong. It’s more better to understand and google about the price of these goods, design, color and measurement method before you buying them.
  3. In case of pirated goods shipment. Pirated goods prices generally lower, but the general does not provide warranty service for these goods, and not carry out of the customs.
  4. Verification documents. Before the payment, ensure that deal with the salesman oral promises are clearly listed on the invoice such as color, weight of the gold and gold price on that day, the level and weight of the jewelry.
  5. Check the goods. To ensure that the goods are intact, complete accessories. Pay special attention to prevent goods be switched when pick up the goods.
  6. Enjoy full refund guarantee. Hong Kong travel industry council members are committed to all travel “project a full refund”. Tourist consumption in the Tours arranged shopping activities, if you have any dissatisfaction, to purchase a full refund formalities within 14 days. But need to ensure that goods without the use of and packaging integrity.


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