What are the Waterloo battlefield and Waterloo battlefield museum in Brussels, Belgium ?

The ancient battlefield of Waterloo, located in the south of Brussels about 3,000 meters. This is the place where Napoleon was annihilated in 1815. Came to the ancient battlefield, the first thing you encounter is the hill of Lion. This is a small conical heaped-up hill about 45 meters high. The top of the hill stands a lion with 4.5 meters long, 4.45 meters high, weighing 8 tons, it is to use the captured guns smelting casting. The Sierra Leone has 126 steps, and over the top you will have the panoramic view of the ancient battlefield of the battle hordes of the year.

Below the hill is the Waterloo battlefield museum. It looks much like a buckle down round steel drum. The ladle is a circular stand is not high, and the barrel wall about 8 meters apart. Barrel wall is a picture of 12 meters high, 110 meters circumference of the panorama. This giant was painted with brightly colored image lifelike, grand, real vividly battle scenes that shook the world. Along with the picture last week, I saw a sword intersection, artillery, and seem to have beat the drums and blare the trumpets, the voice of the people call each other. Display the real sculpture before panorama: skew of small houses, high thatch, cross bodies lying horses, discarding the guns and ammunition, they skillfully combined with the picture, is an integral part of the panorama, further strengthen the immersive artistic effect.

Waterloo battlefield museum
The south of the battlefield, there is a stone house, door inscribed with “small stone village”, this is the command before the battle of Napoleon, which stores the Napoleon examines the grand, his camp bed, the article such as telescope and sabre. North have had as a coalition was a field hospital houses and as a British army commander in chief Wellington command’s castle, and the French writer Hugo lived in a small hotel. The writer is claimed to be the window meditation on this two-storey houses, see memories revive at the, wrote a novel called Les Misérables about the battle of Waterloo in the chapter.

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