Know about the Bern city of Switzerland before your traveling

Swiss capital, Bern city founded in the 12th century, from 18th century till now have about 800 years of history. Bern, the original wooden structure buildings of the ancient city are burned for many times in the middle ages, then rebuilt into stone structure, are still intact: gravel cart, paved the streets are connected to other long arch profile, red tile white walls’ old houses, each have allusions fountain color column, clock tower in the 16th century and was founded in 1421 in the late Gothic cathedral, make appear antique, retains the style of the middle ages. Now the main street has been classified as a pedestrian area, the environment is very quiet. Old city Bern has been UNESCO world cultural city.

Bern city of Switzerland

In the past, Switzerland have no fixed capital in the past for a long time. November 28, 1848, were identified as the Swiss federal capital, becoming the center of the federal government and the national political and diplomatic. The federal government and the parliament in the federal building in Ahr river copper green, this is a set of large granite built palatial buildings, built in 1852-1857. Both sides are the federal ministries office building, under the dome is the federal parliament hall in the middle. Building expansion in 1894-1902, 1993 to repair it again, and add the electronic voting equipment. Because the reason such as citizens against noise and terrain, not built large airports, only a small airport, have a route to Western Europe’s main city. Have to the highway across the country, is also one of the national railway hubs. After world war II, Bern’s machinery, instrument, electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, food, construction and printing industry development year by year, but some are small and medium-sized enterprises, does not occupy an important position in the Swiss economy. Mainly is the administrative and banking center, is also a city of culture and tourism. The Bern university, one of the oldest institution of higher learning, built in 1834, is famous for its study of cosmic rays. In addition, there are history, natural history, the museum of art, weapons and other different types of numerous. Bern is also the home of the universal postal union and international railway transport administration.
night of the Bern city of Switzerland

Historically, many revolutionary activists had lived in Bern, as the Engels in the autumn of 1848 the workers’ movement to Bern guidance and Switzerland. Lenin from September 1914 to early 1916 was also near the Bern stay neat for beauty and wrote many articles reveal the second international opportunism traitors. Famous physicist Albert Einstein during the Bern federal Patent Office work, amateur study physics, published his famous book “the theory of relativity”, this leads to pride, still retains the Einstein’s residence. In operation in Switzerland territory by the west, middle 1848 federal constitution as the Swiss capital, also known as “The federal city “, is also the capital of the state Bern. The downtown area more than 230 square kilometers, population 230, elevation 550 meters, is located in a natural bend of the Ahr river surrounded on three sides of the raging water, and the old city forming a peninsula.

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