Have fun in Yellowstone national park tours

In 1807, the first witness, Yellowstone park police officer John Colter, in order to explore the Indian culture and got into this area. Yellowstone park is the most primitive one of the oldest national park in the world. According to the 1872 act of congress on March 1, Yellowstone park “for the benefit of the people’s approval to become public parks and recreation”, and “in order to make all of her trees, minerals of sediments, natural wonders and landscape, and other natural landscape was to keep the existing status and from damage”. Yellowstone founded since 1872, more than six thousand six thousand people come to sightseeing.

Yellowstone national park is not only a symbol, it is a holy place with a world of ice hot tempered and a volcanic eruption nearly two million years ago which has not been stopped till now. This is the United States and the world’s first national park, is also the current 36 one of the most famous national parks. It is an area of 7988 square kilometers, 99% has yet to develop, this is a vast and clean primitive natural areas, the highest peak of distribution in the Rocky Mountains, plenty of rain and snow, make here is the birthplace of many large rivers in the United States.

Have fun in Yellowstone national park tours

Yellowstone park is the beauty of nature and the original, more is the diversity of its geologies, include the Rivers, lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, canyons and cliffs. Yellowstone river winds its way into the Yellowstone national park, through the mirror of Yellowstone lake formed two waterfalls, head of 33 m and 94 m respectively, then the Yellowstone fall across the deep steep north from Yellowstone national park in Montana. Yellowstone lake 32 kilometers long, 23 kilometers wide, the average water depth 42 meters, the most up to hundreds of meters deep. The lake breeds trout and other rare freshwater fish. Yellowstone canyon 24 kilometers long, 400 meters deep, standing on the brink, only the smell of water, no water, valley wall is given priority to with orange, and the Yellowstone was given about this name. In addition, all white with red, green, brown color, a five-color, sparkling. Among them “black glass cliff” and “stone forest” are the wonder.

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