What makes the Netherlands economy so prosperous ?

Netherlands is located in Western Europe, and the west and north sides near the North Sea. Germany and Belgium is near on the east and south sides of it. The Netherlands of the total land area of 4.15 square kilometers and a population of 15.7 million, most of the residents of the Netherlands, Dutch is the official language. For distant of the Netherlands, we have memories is old windmills and colorful tulips. In fact, as early as the 17th century, sea had the Dutch colonial powers of historical facts among the earliest capitalist countries in the world.

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in the world. It’s gross domestic product ranking in front of the upper bound within 15, per capita income of $25000. The authoritative institute for Econcmist Intelligence Unit published in 1999 global international competitiveness rankings, ranked first in Holland.

The characteristics of the Netherlands economy is the dominance of export-oriented economy. Complete industry sector, industry, agriculture and service industry are highly developed. Dutch society stable economic relations, government, business and trade union consultation on a regular basis, common efforts for the successful economy development. The following main reasons make the economy of Netherlands so prosperous :

Netherlands economy

1, Industrial power:

The main industrial sectors for the chemical industry are food processing, electronics industry, metal manufacturing and processing, shipbuilding, etc. The characteristics of industrial enterprises are for export-oriented, internationalization. Famous multinational company are the Shell oil company, Unilever, Aksu. Nobel company, Philips, etc.

2, The world’s third largest exporter of agricultural products:

Dutch agriculture based on intensive management characteristics, widely used high and new technology and modern management mode. The Netherlands is known as the “Garden” in Europe with the best vegetable exports in Europe, and flowers exports accounted for 60% of global market share. Dutch exports of agricultural products after the United States and France, the third in the world.

3, Highly developed foreign trade:

A small domestic market makes the Dutch economy has a strong international orientation with its “European portal” the superior location and convenient traffic facilities and perfect financial service system. Netherlands became Europe’s largest trade, transit countries on foreign trade volume ranked eighth in the world.

Netherlands economy prosperous

4, Efficient and perfect services:

Services played important roles in the Dutch economy, transportation, storage and transportation, finance and telecom service industry are the main department. In the Netherlands, convenient transportation, the air, offshore, inland waterway, highway, railway formed an all-round three-dimensional transportation network. The port of Rotterdam is the world’s first port, the throughput of more than three hundred million tons. Amsterdam international airport is Europe’s fourth largest airport passenger and cargo. Financial industry is developed in the Netherlands, the Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, ING (ING GROUP) and agricultural bank of the Netherlands are among the world’s largest 25 Banks, business activities throughout the world. The Netherlands AEGON insurance company is the world’s third largest insurance company.

5, Water conservancy, Wai from land:

The Netherlands was low terrain with a quarter of its land below sea level, andis the world’s most coastal engineering. The Netherlands is the famous 30 km Afsluitdijk, investment 30 billion guilders dam “delta” portable flood control dam engineering and billion mark.

6, Attaches great importance to the investment:

The Netherlands foreign investment has more than $200 billion, accounting for the world of 6-8% of the total amount of foreign investment. In 1996, the Netherlands to China for 7 years 1.25 billion guilders loan program.

7, Country’s leading science and technology:

The government invests the funding of 10 billion guilders. In environmental technology, energy technology, information technology, biotechnology and materials technology, water conservancy projects, etc., are at the international leading position in Holland.


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