Top 10 places to visit when travel to Malaysia

1.Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is also a business and social center in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur has a modern metropolitan style, antique style and colonial legacy of beautiful buildings. In this multiethnic society of Malays, Chinese, Indians and other people live in harmony, and results in a distinctive. It also has a variety of festivals, songs , dances and various of food. To experience various charm in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the best choice.

2.Masjid James

Masjid James is located in the confluence of two rivers, and no matter when. It always appears peaceful and serene. Although there are many tall buildings around, the Masjid James always give a person always gives the sense of a solitary. The floor of the temple and the pillars are made of marble. Therefore the internal is very cool, also appears particularly pure and fresh air, every Friday, believers will be fixed to worship. In addition to this day, other day rarely traveled.

3.National Mosque

The National Mosque is located in Kuala Lumpur and lake park in the middle of central station. This is the Malaysian government investment in 1965 nearly $10 million to build. Modern appearance with the dome of the star and up to 73 meters of minarets, is one of the biggest grand mosque in southeast Asia.

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4.National Museum

National Museum displays the history of Malaysia, cultural relics and animal and plant specimens, etc. Rich in content, historical aspects and inspect hall, traditional clothing, crafts, etc. In addition to static display, there is also a live production, performance and other dynamic display.

Particularly interesting is the display of the head of the hunter. In ancient times, peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Filipino, Indonesian, Malay often held in a variety of reasons such as the hunter Head (Head Hunting), until recently there is a similar custom in some places. Display area on the history of the regional head hunters, background with photos, for detailed instructions. From top to bottom, are piles of skull, raises the creeps.

5.The national Zoo Negara

This zoo rearing about 200 kinds of animals from all over the world, is a paradise for wild animals, only in accordance with the original terrain to fence. Here can arrange the whole day activities such as boating or observation of aquarium fish ecology, there are many beautiful tropical fish in the aquarium, worth to have a look. In addition also can see many lovely animals and ride like a parade.

Travel to Penang Malaysia


“Oriental pearl Penang ” located in the northwest shore of the Malaysian peninsula, including the area of about 285 square kilometers of Penang island and about 760 square kilometers, long and narrow in the Huis province, separated by a strait, on both sides of the closest point three kilometers, by the Penang bridge connection, have a ferry service 24 hours a day. Penang, more than one hundred population, residents of Malaysia origin; Malays (32%), Chinese (32%), Indians (7%), all get along well.

George Town is located in the northeastern corner of Penang island, is the administrative and commercial center of Penang. The busy metropolis do take, director of the east and west, there are a lot of elegant buildings, more mining history, and confirm the trace of Penang influenced deeply by foreign. Penang is famous for beach, ocean waves as a mirror, young long beach. Penang is now a resort, and it is the interests of the people in the sunshine and the beach a good place for rest. It is a multiethnic society, peoples of different cultures and holiday fun, fascinating, let visitors leave a good memory.


7.The art museuma

Was built in 1821, and a lot of historical photos, images, maps, artifacts, Malay dagger, Chinese furniture, Penang, embroidery and painting. Francis Light, the captain’s statue stands before the pavilion, has an extraordinary, on the first floor gallery local artist, also used as the exhibition space.

8.Bliss temple

Is a magnificent multilayer buddhist temple in southeast Asia, stood in Ayer itam mountain, lasted more than 20 years to build, temple top is beautifully carved thousands of pagoda; Around a beautiful environment, have a garden, pavilions, turtle pond, the temple statues and art.

9.The flag-raising mountain

Malaysia’s first mountain summer resort, mountain high 83 meters (2730 feet), visitors can walk or take a cable car to the top of the hill, the cable car station opened in 1922. Fresh mountain air, expansive, visitors can also see chic bungalow, beautiful garden, and bird park. There’s a bungalow rental, hotel, tourists can be in the hotel. The top of the mountain have a tea house, supply of drinks and snacks, let visitors have a rest.

Pedestrian way design comfortable, by foot need four hours to hike to the top of the mountain, but only appropriate physical strength strong people walk. Mountain forest by Jalan Air Terjun “moon gate”, about 300 meters from plant park entrance.

Genting Highlands Travel to Malaysia

10.Genting Highlands

Temporarily out of busy and crowded cities, and into the cool wind blow gently make your spirit chipper plateau resort. The most popular vacation resort in Malaysia, Genting Highlands is here, one has a place of unique scenery. It is made of Chinese investment, covers an area of about six football fields.

Located in Selangor, and Pahang junction, this resort, 2000 meters above sea level, is about an hour’s journey from Kuala Lumpur, on his way up the mountain can see green dense forests, as well as the decreasing of temperature, certainly can let a person feel refreshment. The temperature of the mountain is around between 60 to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can choose in the mid-levels or collapse under the top of the hill hotel. Here you will find a wide variety of entertainment landscape, to make you a size too many things to see and make merry, and enjoy unlimited joy here!


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