Where is Taj Mahal ? and Why was the Taj Mahal built ?

Where is Taj Mahal ?

The Taj Mahal in the more than 200 km from new Delhi Agra city in India, the right side of the river Yamuna

Located in the ancient city of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India is the fifth generation of Mughal king Shah Jahan’s love for him princess MuMa taj, Mahath built. The Taj Mahal to break ground in 1631, with the from all over India and Persia, central Asia, China more than twenty thousand people, all the skillful craftsmen spent 22 years to build.

The Taj Mahal has great size with all white marble stone. The top is great ball to 20 meters in diameter. MuYing stand around 40 m tall spire of the round tower. Symbolizing the wisdom door of arched door, Taj Mahal ornamented with precious stones. Inside the bedroom was octagonal, divided into five rooms. And emissions of the central chamber with two sarcophagus, this is the Taj Mahal and shah Jahan’s coffin. Sarcophagus was dotted with colored gems and relief, the coffin before the marble through screen, with all kinds of jewelry set out the tulips and lilies Mosaic tendrils, clever, sparkling.

The Taj Mahal is a resplendent pearl in the land of India, it is India’s ancient civilization, is one of the ancient architecture wonders of the world.

Inside Taj Mahal built

Why was the Taj Mahal built ?

Taj Mahal was built in 1632 to 1654, the Taj Mahal expressed a king to his dear wife and the inimitable eternally.

In 1631 Mughal emperor’s wife in childbirth 14 children died during childbirth. She was 36 years old, have been married for 18 years, for her husband, Shah Jahan lost is not only my dear wife, and a shrewd adviser. It is said that he wore two years mourning (according to another record, his hair turned white) with sorrow. He vowed to build a worthy of his wife, incomparable mausoleum, in memory of his wife. No one can deny his success. MiMan o slave class, or is the towers Mahal (meaning “the chosen palace”) in an amazing buildings, as a memorial of her, her initials engraved: Taj, Hal. Due to use so much of the highest praise words to describe the building, so most people visit approached it when fear they will be disappointed.

From countless photos make people are very familiar with the appearance of the Taj Mahal is as a symbol of the hotel, chutney and condiments trademark, in fact, it is used in any place, people see is immediately think of India. However, few people see the Taj Mahal was disappointed.

The Taj Mahal, it can make the people still surprised. At different times and different natural in one day the light shows different characteristics. Although it is a mausoleum, it is not usually tomb all cold quiet. Instead you feel it seems to float between heaven and earth. Its harmonious reflection symmetry, gardens and water together created countless visitors amazing miracle. An estimated 20000 craftsmen participated in the construction of the Taj Mahal, 22 years to complete. It is said that one French and one yuan Venice people involved in the part of the project work. Has not been a yuan architect is recorded must be involved in the construction of the mausoleum for the building is very appropriate, because to build its intention is to let people only remember the mausoleum.

Where is Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is brought from a quarry 322 km made of marble, but it is not some pictures of that kind of pure white building. Tens of thousands of precious and semi-precious stones inlaid on the surface, in marble mausoleum in the text is made of black marble. From a carved marble fence can see excellent workmanship. The sun on the fence, it casts the shadow of change scene. Once the door of the silver with gold bars and a large dress cloth cover with a pearl on the cenotaph of queen (its location on actual burial), the thieves stole the precious thing, a lot of people tried to dig or embedded in the gem on the marble columns, but the magnificent Taj Mahal still be ravished.

The Taj Mahal is located within a scenic area, the majestic doorway symbolizes the entrance of the heaven, above the arch dome pavilions. Originally had a sterling silver door here, inlaid with hundreds of silver. All these things have been taken, the door is copper.

About the Shah Jahan to pick up the other side of the river at Zhu Mu built for him a same black marble mausoleum legend doesn’t seem to have too much truth. His son, Mr. Lang’s announced in 1658 as the emperor, and his father’s house arrest in a castle in agra for 9 years, until his death. Shah Jahan can see the Taj Mahal far from the castle. Later, he was buried in the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal represents the peak of Mughal architecture. This style of mausoleum erected on a base, decorated with minarets above, people treat it with and veneration of the mosque in the same mood. This style of memorial tomb in the northern Indian development and then disappear.

visit the Taj Mahal built

In Delhi as tomb started in 1564, it is the prototype of the Taj Mahal, strong, dignified and not delicate. Aurangzeb in the 1670 s in the cheese adds bud for his wife, the Taj Mahal in a copy, but it does not have the charm of the Taj Mahal and harmony. Delhi, the tomb of another tomb Seif Da Jia started in 1753, is called “MoChen son last flash” construction, however, it is not a people endeavor to building the canal. The memorial tomb has a standard model – a big onion shape of arch, waterways, divided into four parts of the flower of the Taj Mahal melting builders put these things together, creating a unique building. The governor Sir William the tinker with Bangladesh plots, compared to the Taj Mahal in precious treasure theft is minuscule. In the 1830 s, he plan to dismantle the neglected weeds, the Taj Mahal, sell marble for London. Just because removed from the red fort in Delhi marble to find buyers, the project just forget about it. Later, in 1900, when India governor Ke have repaired the Taj Mahal.

There is no doubt that the Taj Mahal is a model of perfect art in the world. Basically built with marble building without defects, the Taj Mahal in moonlight more give a person a kind of quiet fairyland feeling. She is not only expressed the shah Jahan to the deep memory of his beloved wife, is he give a gift of human beings.


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