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Australia’s land area is about 770 square kilometers. Australia is one of the world’s oldest continent, its rainfall at least except Antarctica. Most of the region is very dry, or semi-desert, is not suitable for the wish, therefore, in comparison with the population and land area of Australia is few.

According to the area size, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, is the only country occupy the one continent. Australia is located between the Pacific and Indian oceans, 36735 km long coastline. Relative to other continents, as there is no special high mountains block, and combined with the ocean around the regulation, Australia is not very cold or very hot climate. Australia more than 40% of the land are in the tropics. In the cold area, such as Tasmania, Virginia, and across the southeastern mountains of new south wales and Victoria of Australia, there will be regular snow, winter climate is often dropped to below zero. Australian extend from tropical to temperate climate, annual average temperature of the 27 ℃ in the north of transformation to the south of 13 ℃.

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Australia is the country rich in energy and minerals, it is one of the world’s largest coal exporter, and the main uranium, light crude oil and liquefied natural gas exporter. It is the world’s largest exporter of diamond and primary bauxite, mineral sand, gold, lead, zinc, iron, copper, nickel, manganese and exporter. East, south and southwest is an advanced planting technology highly productive agricultural areas, Australia is one of the main exporting countries in the world. Australia had one hundred million and five thousand sheep, is one of the world’s largest producer of clothing with fine wool. It is honey, wheat, sugar, and milk products such as one of the main production and export. Australia is a big exporter of food, only six percent of the population engaged in agricultural production. Most Australians live and work in the coastal city is engaged in the service industry or manufacturing in a factory, and nuclear science, space technology, medicine, science, environmental science, research and development of electronic and communication work.

Australia’s national flag was designed by a British flag of the royal blue background and southern cross, the upper left corner of the British flag pattern shows that in the history of Australia and the UK. The maximum Angle of a seven stars on our flag six Angle of states in Australia, the seventh Angle on behalf of its capital area. Australia’s national anthem is “advance Australia”. A sometimes play in the international party, however, called waltz Marty of popular folk songs are often regarded as Australia’s national anthem. Officially announced the green and gold, Australia in 1984 as a national color, these two colors as the color of the clothes for many years. National Day: Australia’s National Day is on January 26, choose this day because the first settlers from England, soldiers and prisoners in port Jackson, now this place has become Australia’s biggest city, Sydney. The national emblem of Australia is king George v approved in 1912.

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Long separated from the mainland, making Australia became the marsupials of the holy land (some of the youngest son raising mammal in their own pocket structure). Kangaroos, koalas, such as the platypus are well-known. Every time after a storm comes a calm, had a dry grassland, flowers in full bloom. More familiar are with wildflowers Helicia, flannel, desert bean, Christmas shrubs, etc. Forests on relatively humid coastal zone: in Queensland and some rain forest, but the area is increasingly shrink school Australia has 500 kinds of 600 kinds of rubber tree and the tree.

The population of Australia is just over 17 million, the original inhabitants of Australia, the natives in this land has been living for 40000 years, in their natural environment by hunting and gathering wild plants to make a living, now the natives not according to the traditional way of tribal life, most of them live in the villages and towns or cities, about 1.5% of the national population. Australia became a British colony in 1788, in the first 150 years, most to settlers came from Britain to Ireland, but people in 50 years to settle from more than 140 countries, more than 40% of the country’s recent settlers from Asia. The official language is English. The Australian government encourages different racial or ethnic Australians, including indigenous people, like to use English at home or in public use of their mother tongue. From the Angle of culture, Australia is a western culture; It is similar to Western Europe and North America’s way of life. The life is relaxed and friendly for the most part of Australia. Independence is strong students mostly like life full of opportunities here. They are free and safe take public transport to and from the beach, tourist resorts and colorful cultural activities. Although Australia is often described as a largely rural country, sometimes even the concept of “remote” to the person. In fact, the dominant is still a culture of urban and metropolitan lifestyle, including can enjoy delicious food from all over the world. Residents living near the sea, can freely enjoy life on the beach, surfing, skateboarding, Sun Yu Australians like beer (alcohol content of around 5%). Leisure time, many people like to friends about friends to the bar drinking chat, enjoy music. (in Australia, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase wine).

In Australia, give a person the sense of open, there are a lot of open parks and green space adorns meantime. Convenient traffic can easily bring you into suburban country park. There are a lot of overseas tourists to Australia every year. Australia sunshine, beach, vast sparsely populated inland, rain forest, the Great Barrier Reef, unique flora and fauna, the gold coast of Queensland, friendly charming city and the diversity of social, as well as warm and comfortable environment, all this let a person soul led around dreams, linger. Tourism is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing industry. In 1992 alone, 26 million overseas tourists visit, which comes from other east Asian countries and regions outside the Japanese tourists also accounts for about a quarter.

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