What is the best transporting way from Roma Termini station to Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport?

Leonardo Express airport rail transit: the easiest method is to take the train, the train in Italy have special line from Rome Termini railway station to Fiumicino airport, a train every half hour, drive 32 minutes, 14 EUR.

Terravision airport bus airport bus: providing cheap round-trip bus service between the airport and the downtown, it takes about 55 minutes. When every half and hour leave, 5 EUR (have said prices to 8 EUR).

The airport bus stop on a road near the railway station. If you cannot find, ask the station staff, very convenient. Go up on the airport bus directly is roads, asked can find bus ticket booth. If the airport bus hasn’t arrived, should someone with luggage waiting for what, buy the ticket man’s hands will send a brand. See carrying signs and people can go to ask next with luggage.About an hour can reach the airport.

Note that to Fiumicino and Ciampino, don’t buy the wrong ticket to buy a ticket when ask the departure time.

Sometimes people don’t more than a trip to row, and sat down on a bus and couldn’t catch up with your plane, can change quickly by train.

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